In-Company masterclasses

Invest in your organization's success

In today's dynamic business landscape, investing in the continuous development of your staff is crucial for staying competitive and fostering a culture of innovation. One highly effective approach to achieving this is through in-company masterclasses, tailored learning experiences designed specifically for your team. Here are some compelling advantages of implementing in-company masterclasses for your staff:


Relevance to organizational goals

In-company masterclasses can be customized to align with your organization's objectives, ensuring the content is directly relevant to your industry, company culture, and strategic goals. This targeted approach allows employees to acquire skills and knowledge directly contributing to the business's success.

Team cohesion and collaboration

Bringing the learning experience in-house creates a shared space for your team to learn and grow together. This fosters a sense of camaraderie and collaboration as employees engage in discussions, share insights, and collectively apply new concepts to real-world challenges. This collaborative learning environment enhances teamwork and communication within the organization.

Tailored learning paths

In-company masterclasses can be designed to address your staff's specific needs and skill gaps. This tailored approach ensures that employees receive targeted training, allowing them to develop expertise in areas directly related to their roles. This personalized learning path enhances the overall effectiveness of the training program.


While external training programs may incur additional costs, in-company masterclasses offer a cost-effective alternative. Organizations can reduce travel, accommodation, and external trainers' expenses by leveraging internal resources and hosting on-site training. This makes professional development more accessible and sustainable for the company.

Consistency in training standards

In-house masterclasses enable organizations to maintain consistent training standards across all workforce levels. This consistency ensures that employees share a common knowledge base, fostering a unified approach to problem-solving and decision-making. It also helps build a standardized skill set that aligns with the company's expectations.

Immediate application of knowledge

In-company masterclasses allow employees to immediately apply newly acquired knowledge and skills to their daily tasks. This practical application enhances the retention of information and accelerates the integration of new competencies into the workplace, resulting in tangible benefits for the organization.

In-company masterclasses

Masterclass 'Agile Architecture'
  • Masterclass

Agile Architecture

Digital transformation nowadays means continuously adapting in a well-organized way to a constantly changing environment by leveraging technology.

Composable Architecture
  • Masterclass

Composable Architecture

Every organization wants solutions that are agile and easy to manage. They need to be able to make changes or replace components quickly to stay ahead of the competition. Discover how to create composable building blocks that can be used across different contexts.

Agile Enterprise Security Architecture
  • Masterclass

Agile Security Architecture

In the Agile Security Architecture masterclass, we will explore how agile, where creating value is prioritized, and security can perfectly blend and strengthen each other.

Masterclass API
  • Masterclass

API Strategy Execution

Digital transformation nowadays means continuously adapting in a well-organized way to a constantly changing environment by leveraging technology.

Masterclass Design 2 Deliver
  • Masterclass


Digital transformation nowadays means continuously adapting in a well-organized way to a constantly changing environment by leveraging technology. Learn how you can implement effective digital innovations despite organizational complexity or market uncertainty.

Essential Security
  • Masterclass

Essential Security Practices

This masterclass will provide you with the latest insights into today’s security and risk landscape. And give the practical handles to architect solutions that protect against today’s threats and vulnerabilities.

Leading in Enterprise Architecture
  • Masterclass

Leading in Enterprise Architecture

This training includes the development of personal leadership skills, influencing and persuading stakeholders, giving and receiving feedback, and group negotiation.

Foundation class Safe
  • Foundation class

SAFe® for Architects, Architecting for Continuous Value Flow with SAFe

Digital transformation nowadays means continuously adapting in a well-organized way to a constantly changing environment by leveraging technology.

What our clients say

  • Eric van der Linden

    Head of Enterprise Architecture at DLL

    I lead a team of Enterprise Architects that inspires, motivates, and facilitates the DLL organization. I also lead the Enterprise Business Services Department, where a strong, enthusiastic team delivers platforms and services used globally across the Enterprise.

    Of course, I have known INNOCOM as a company for quite some time. They’ve previously assisted us with a significant reorganization, including creating a blueprint to enhance our landscape. During this time, I realized INNOCOM’s proficiency in teaching us how to formulate such a blueprint.

    If you’re facing insurmountable challenges, I recommend engaging with INNOCOM. They’ll equip you with the skills to address these issues and ensure you’re prepared to handle similar situations in the future.

    While everyone is eager to tackle ‘future concerns,’ it’s crucial to remember that legacy issues also need resolution. This is where transformation planning becomes vital. We decided to enlist the help of the IC Institute for the first time and organize in-company training on Design to Deliver Agile Architecture for all our architects.

    I place a strong emphasis on the term ‘team.’ I firmly believe in team growth and heavily invest in comprehensive team training. When everyone speaks the same language, it significantly strengthens the team. We also gain an external perspective on our architectural practices and challenges, which is invaluable. Our motto is constant improvement. After such in-house team training, my team always returns highly motivated. The team spirit is fantastic, and we continue to improve!

    I also believe it’s essential for a team of architects to have an independent architectural vision. I’ve always felt this with INNOCOM: their passion and commitment to finding the right solution, irrespective of any vendor, and their relentless drive to resolve problems.

    They guide, coach, and help us so that we can handle things ourselves next time. This approach makes them ‘expendable,’ as INNOCOM doesn’t linger after a project, which is truly a unique selling point! A true coach!