Master in Enterprise Architecture

Our Master’s degree in Enterprise Architecture includes 17 modules of courses + a Master’s thesis. 

It teaches professionals what it takes to be an Enterprise Architect and to become a true Digital Transformation Leader.   

We balance theory with case studies, covering everything from strategy to the various kinds of architecture, from data to security and new technologies, from people and change to enterprise governance, and much more. 

Master in Enterprise Architecture

An accredited Master of Science

IC Institute is unique in Europe, since it is the only private company that is officially recognized by the government as an institute for higher education. Our Master's in Enterprise Architecture is accredited by the NVAO. 

Graduates will receive an official Master’s degree ‘Master of ICT Enterprise Architecture’ and can use the international ‘Master of Science (MSc)’ title. 

Why is it relevant for you?

Are you a professional looking to become a business and digital transformation leader? Or do you want to develop further as an Enterprise Architect? Here are 3 reasons why a Master in Enterprise and Business Architecture (MEA) is a valuable investment for your future:

Personal growth

At IC Institute, we believe that true leaders require a special mix of knowledge, skills, and attitude. Our MEA program is designed to help you grow on all three fronts, empowering you to become the best version of yourself.

Boost your career

By completing the MEA program, you'll become an expert in business transformations, equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to serve as a trusted advisor to management and the enterprise as a whole. With this added expertise, you'll be able to take your career to new heights.

Understand the bigger picture

Our MEA program goes beyond traditional enterprise architecture training, helping you to understand the internal and external forces that drive your organization. By developing this broader perspective, you'll gain insight into the needs and responsibilities of others involved in transformations, and work together to create sustainable and resilient success.

At IC Institute, we believe that our MEA program is the key to unlocking your potential and making a meaningful impact on your organization's competitiveness and innovative character. 


We offer 17 module weekends (32 ECTS) and each module covers a specific topic essential to your growth and success as an architect and a leader in business and digital transformations. Modules are organized from September to June during weekend sessions, beginning on Thursday evening, Friday afternoon and evening and ending on Saturday at noon. After completing the modules, you'll have the opportunity to work on your master thesis (28 ECTS) to deepen your understanding of the topics covered in the modules.

Our program is designed to fit your busy schedule. Modules are grouped into four learning tracks, which you can pick up across multiple academic years, allowing you to easily spread the load and complete the entire program at your own pace. Starting with the first module is not mandatory. Not looking for a complete Master's program? You can follow one or more tracks or modules separately and obtain a certificate upon completion.

Want to know more? Just download the brochure or reach out to us and discover your options. 


Track 1: Strategy execution through Enterprise and Business Architecture

  • MODULE 1: Understanding Strategy
    Kick off by gaining a broad view on the foundations of strategy

  • MODULE 2: Introduction to Enterprise Architecture
    Get to know EA and learn all about layered architectures.
  • MODULE 3: Designing the Enterprise Blueprint
    How to connect both worlds? Discover how strategy translates to EA.
  • MODULE 4: Building the Business Architecture
    Before we even think about IT, let's talk Business! 

Track 2: Building and delivering solutions in practice

  • MODULE 5: From Business to IT
    The bridge between Business and IT: let's align.
  • MODULE 6: Software & Solution Architecture Part 1
    Software, solutions, integration: learn the basics here.
  • MODULE 7: Software & Solution Architecture Part 2
    Software, solutions, integration: there's more to discover!
  • MODULE 8: Solution & Project Delivery
    Quality attributes, trade-off & assessment: let's see if IT is delivering.  

Track 3: Understanding domain-specific architectures

  • MODULE 9: Data Management & Strategy
    The core foundation of it all. No processes, ICT, or AI without data!
  • MODULE 10: Technology & Infrastructure
    Infrastructure & technology: to cloud or not to cloud? And more!
  • MODULE 11: Exponential Technologies
    Welcome to the future! Artificial Intelligence, IOT, Web3: how will they impact our enterprises? How to deal with these technologies as an Enterprise Architect?
  • MODULE 12: Enterprise Security
    Data needs to be protected, but how? Learn the foundations here.

Track 4: Leading transformations as an architect

  • MODULE 13: Enterprise Governance Part 1
    Alignment and control: governance is crucial for sailing straight.
  • MODULE 14: Enterprise Governance Part 2
    Alignment and control: EA at the board level.​
  • MODULE 15: Organizational Behavior & Change
    How to take the lead in transforming organizations and learn how people are key to successful transformations.
  • MODULE 16: Architecture in practice!
    You've learned a lot, now let's bring it all together and put it into practice!

Practical info


Target audience

  • Enterprise architects, ICT architects, ICT managers
  • Project, Program or Portfolio managers


  • 1 year ( 2 years with Master's Thesis)

Next edition

  • Calendar 2024-2025

Tuition fee 2024 - 2025

You can apply for the whole program or follow one or more tracks or modules separately. 


  • Entire program: € 24,000 excl. VAT (€ 22,500 Early Bird, registered before May 31st) 
    This fee includes training fees, all training materials, and catering. 

  • KMO portefeuille available


  • Heiststeenweg 131, 2580 Beerzel, Belgium

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Feeling ambitious and want to become an expert enterprise architect? Our Master’s program offers a perfect balance between the theory and practice of enterprise architecture.

What our students say

  • Antoon Goderis

    ICT Architect at KBC

    This Master provided me with a much welcomed mental framework for the myriad of concepts I was discovering in the enterprise architecture world. Also,
    hearing about others’ experience with enterprise architecture and digital transformations was fascinating. I enjoyed our assertive group and its passionate discussions with lecturers and practitioners. The informal setting, the critical minds, the green surroundings, the nice meals, etc. all contributed to making this Master a unique experience with a definite impact.

  • Wim Bossée

    Senior Mentor SCM at Daikin Europe
    Daikin Europe

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