Growth plans

Competence orientation and growth plans

To elevate your employees to a higher level, it is essential to commence with competence orientation. This approach focuses on identifying the necessary competencies for the success of your organization and prioritizing them based on specific goals and ambitions.

Together, we explore the ambitions and goals of your organization. This may build upon earlier phases, such as the Enterprise Design phase of INNOCOM or other strategic plans. We identify the competencies required to achieve your goals and organize them into competency profiles and job roles specific to your organization.

But it doesn't end there. We also assist in prioritizing these competencies identifying the most crucial ones for achieving short-term success. Our People & Team Assessment service provides a valuable step if further analysis is needed.

With our guidance, your organization gains insight into the competencies needed for current and future success and where to start. Competence & Profile Design is a logical starting point where we collaboratively identify the required competencies. Subsequently, we work together on personalized development plans with clear goals and concrete steps to enhance these competencies.

Whether you aim to improve communication, collaboration, leadership, or other competencies related to transformations, our development plans are tailored to meet your unique needs. With clear KPIs and a timeframe for follow-up, you can track progress and ensure that your employees and teams make tangible strides toward their goals.

And there's more. Our growth plans are flexible and adaptable, evolving with the changing needs of your employees or organization. With continuous guidance and support, we provide the resources to ensure that your team always possesses the skills essential for success.

Tailored in-company development tracks

Starting from a clear orientation of what competencies need to be developed, we'll work together to build a detailed development program that includes projected classes with tailored learning objectives and dates for each class, enriched with tailored coaching if required.

With our expert guidance and support, we'll source classes from our standard offerings, as well as classes from your organization and our partners. And if we can't find the classes we need, we'll create them ourselves, ensuring that your training program is truly customized to your organization's needs. But that's not all - if you've added our people/team assessment and personal growth planning services, we can tailor your training program even further to meet your organization's needs.

Let us help you grow your people and achieve success.