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Leading transformations.
Committed all the way.


INNOCOM has over 20 years of experience in guiding organisations making the right choices to realise their strategy. We are authorities in the field of Enterprise Architecture, Technology and Business & Digital Transformation. We don’t just do projects, we embark on missions together with our customers, to guide them all the way. Why do we use the term black coffee? Once you add something to your coffee, it will never be black again. And we feel the same about our promise to you: no compromises when it comes to quality, commitment and integrity.


Recent, successful missions


A warm partnership. A warm conversation on the new digital portfolio @ Bridgestone. Jurgen Van de Sompel of INNOCOM interviewed by De Tijd together with Jean-Philippe Minet, COO at Bridgestone Aircraft Tire.


Or how to walk a digital transformation journey in a warm partnership together. A great video report with Xavier Bourgois, CIO Barco and Johan Van Looy, CEO INNOCOM against the beautiful backdrop that is the BARCO office in Kortrijk.


INNOCOM and SD Worx walking hand in hand in an innovative digital transformation journey. SD Worx was looking for a partner that could advise independently and could draw the future of their architecture. Partner Jurgen Van de Sompel and Steven van Hoorebeke, Member of the Board of SD Worx explain.

Transforming your business with technology

We’re independent
and we love it


We’re not bound to vendors or technology. We want what’s best for you, our customer. No hidden agendas, only value.

Missions together
with you


We don’t sell you the dream of a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow without getting you there. We’re committed to making that dream a reality.

We are an A+ student
in our field


INNOCOM has been organising an accredited Master of Science in Enterprise Architecture for over 10 years through the IC Institute.

We drink
our coffee black


We believe in ‘ultimate commitment’. When it comes to this, we don’t compromise. Our coffee stays black, no milk.

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We believe in missions that are the best fit for our customers, you and INNOCOM. We believe in win-win-win.

Lifelong learning

We invest in our people. IC Institute, our centre for higher education, can offer you the best education on the market.


At INNOCOM, we believe in building the right knowledge. In our communities, we build INNOCOM together.


We put you in the driving seat to steer our missions and your career to make a real impact. We don’t micromanage, we enable.

Learning, Training and Development at INNOCOM IC Institute

Founded with the goal of making the extraordinary possible, the IC Institute is the only private company in Europe offering higher education with its recognized Master of Science in Enterprise Architecture. At the crossroads of academic research and the industry, it offers educational and research services for Enterprise, Business and IT Architects, and senior management.

NEW Training! Successfully transform Strategic Transformations into AI projects


No innovation without education!

Thanks to financial resources from the Flemish Region and Europe, INNOCOM  is developing a special Training Course: ‘Successfully transform Strategic Transformations into AI projects’

The ability of organisations to translate a business challenge to a technological solution dictates the successful adoption of AI in Flanders.

One element is key: always take the business’ strategic needs and opportunities as a base to draw up a fitting and concrete AI project, while including a clear-cut business case. To make this a reality, organisations need support on multiple levels. This training course will focus on two target audiences (C-level managers and middle management and advocates of change) who are both crucial in the successful adoption of AI.


22 Feb 2021
A Great Place to Work: INNOCOM

INNOCOM extends its label as 'Great Place to Work' and is again awarded a GPTW certificate this year! We are extremely happy and proud that after such an unusual year we have done even better than the years before... Growing together in our self-organising communities is no doubt the key to our success and for sure one of the reasons why we are a Great Place to Work again!

30 Nov 2020
Virtual DL2C Conference on ‘AI and Robotics’

Last month, INNOCOM DL2C organised an inspirational session with Pieter Abbeel, professor at Berkeley. He shared with us his research & insights on AI and Robotics. New applications such as AI Robotics are emerging and are accessible!

21 Oct 2020
Interview in HR Square

INNOCOM’s Lucia Van de Ginste on the INNOCOM Institute and the self-organising Communities. A throwback to the early days and the re-invention of INNOCOM today. An interview with a heart!

19 Oct 2020
Virtual DL2C Conference on ‘Resilience’

In September INNOCOM DL2C organised an inspirational session with Nathan Furr, professor at Insead. He shared with us his research & insights on how to apply innovation best practices to become more resilient as an organisation. Food for thought!