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INNOCOM is a fully independent Belgian company that has been guiding organizations through large and complex strategic changes for over 25 years. We are considered an authority in the field of strategic alignment and bringing strategy-into-execution. We do this by applying our expertise in change, agile organization, enterprise & IT architecture, IT strategy and security. 

Technology as a driver of change offers ever increasing opportunities, but also comes with complex challenges.  As an independent beacon of trust and integrity our customers can rely on our brutally honest advice and ultimate commitment, without any compromise on quality. This means we don’t just do projects, we embark on missions together with our customers, to guide them all the way as their premium transformation partner.

Our unique community-model allows us to build on cross-industry experience and thrive on the collective knowledge and expertise of the full INNOCOM Transformation Crew.  We continuously harvest the best of the best-practices via research within our daughter company, the IC Institute.

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Our unique DNA

and we love it

We’re not bound to technology vendors or software integrators, neither do we have internal downstream business to serve. We only want what’s best for you, our customer. No hidden agendas.

Collective brainpower
always evolving

We thrive on exponential and collective knowledge enabled by the combined brainpower, expertise and experience from our +-100 consultants. We are organized in dynamic communities built around evolving topics based on customer needs. All our knowledge and experience is available to each customer.

together with you

We rely on warm relationships with our customers and partners to achieve sustainable collaborations. Our aim is always to help you grow. This means we don’t just do projects, we embark on missions together with our customers to guide them all the way.

Highly skilled
and experienced

INNOCOM equals trust, results that stick and quality work. Our transformation crew consists of senior consultants with a solid track record. They are continuously trained practitioners, enabled by our lifelong research and learning engine the IC Institute. 

INNOCOM Institute

Founded to make the extraordinary possible, the IC Institute is the only private company in Europe offering higher education with its recognized Master of Science in Enterprise Architecture.

At the crossroads of academic research and industry, it offers educational and research services for Enterprise, Business, and IT Architects and senior management.

Our cross-industry know-how is continuously reinforced and sharpened by our daughter company, the INNOCOM Institute, which is the only private company in Europe accredited to provide a full-fledged Master-after-Master program ("Master in Enterprise Architecture") and several topical masterclasses on applying these methods.

Master in Enterprise Architecture

INNOCOM has been offering an accredited Master of Science in Enterprise Architecture for over 10 years, through the IC Institute.
This Master is a unique program preparing professionals to become leaders in business transformations.

The IC Institute is unique in Europe, since it is the only private company that is officially recognized by the government as an institute for higher education. Our Master in Enterprise Architecture is accredited by the NVAO.


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We believe in missions that are the best fit for our customers, you and INNOCOM. We believe in win-win-win.

Lifelong learning

We invest in our people. IC Institute, our centre for higher education, can offer you the best education on the market.

Pilot in command

We put you in the driving seat to steer our missions and your career to make a real impact. We don’t micromanage, we enable and help you grow.

The transformation Crew

At INNOCOM, we believe in building the right knowledge and sharing experiences. In our communities, we all build INNOCOM together to be the best crew bringing our A-game to our customers.