Welcome to INNOCOM

Experience. Trust. Common sense.

Today’s business leaders are confronted with the challenge of staying ahead of their competition by rethinking their present strategy and enabling their organisation to swiftly yet continuously implement new and innovative ideas. Being agile and able of adapting their practices and digital architecture will be crucial in this process of constant innovation and improvement.

With this in mind, INNOCOM was founded in Belgium in 1998 as an independent center of expertise to help organisations transform towards a real competitive advantage. Since the very first hour, we have been committed to upholding the highest quality standards, a no-nonsense approach and absolute determination and focus.

As a premium transformation partner, we help you assess the feasibility of strategic ambitions, design the right architecture and ultimate transformation plan, inject our best-practices and install proven success factors to get there. We are committed to lead the required transitions to reach your future state, together with you.

Strategic Feasibility

Having a challenging strategy is what drives an ambitious company, but it’s equally important to make sure the strategy you’re about to deploy makes sense. Established companies don’t start from a greenfield situation, so what you really need is a realistic view on the impact the realisation of your strategy will have on your organisation’s current resources and structures. We can enable teams in taking the rights steps, using the right instruments.

We can advise and leverage our knowledge and experience or we can execute very specific assessments, each resulting in a clear view on where you are, what is feasible and what is the recommended course of action.

Straightforward and honest advice, making sure you have a clear end in mind, getting the right people on board while your leadership teams are geared towards making the right decisions.



Strategic Design

When you are confident about where to go, you still need a plan to get there and you might want to go through a few different scenario's. INNOCOM has a very extensive experience in shaping the way forward, building the necessary designs and laying out the tracks that will allow your organisation to transform towards your desired future state.

We’re not in the business of selling dreams, so we’ll make sure every plan is feasible and founded on expert insights and real experience.

Strategic Delivery

Realizing a good plan can still be very challenging, so we’re committed to guiding your organization and people towards the end goal. We don’t intend to fill as many spots as we can, instead we want to build a solid foundation for success and deliver results that stick. Together, we make sure the right people can thrive in the right places, so your organization can grow.

By committing all the way, we build relationships for the long run.