Assessment & Health Check

Assessment or health check?

It's always good to challenge the status quo, identify risks early or get an objective view of your organization and it's undertakings. This will provide you with the opportunity to take a step back and bring it to the next level. With the results, you'll get the right insights, identify strengths and weaknesses, and receive immediate recommendations for improvement.

INNOCOM's aim is always to do a fit-for-purpose evaluation that creates awareness early on and co-creates the desire to start implementing achievable improvements that work.


What's an assessment?

A comprehensive assessment is based on a thorough, rational and factual foundation. It ensures you that your organization stays ahead of potential problems, maintains a healthy and thriving business, and ensures informed decisions about future growth and development are available. 

Our experienced consultants will apply our assessment methods rigorously and take the time to conduct the assessment in full, providing you with clear reports and measures that bring valuable insights into your organization's state and performance.

What's a health check?

A health check is typically less comprehensive than an assessment and avoids the feel of an audit.  It focuses more on infusing experience than conducting profound measures and creating reports. It takes less time while still offering all valuable insights into a specific area of your organization. 

By conducting a health check, our experts help you get a deeper understanding of your organization's performance, bringing immediate change to the current situation.

Health Check examples

Strategy Health Check

"How do we know our strategy is good enough?”

With a strategy health check, we perform an evaluation of the effectiveness and efficiency of your company's current strategy. It's an orientation toward specific goals or objectives that are carried out through a plan of organized actions throughout the strategy cycle from vision to plan. 

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Transformation Capability & Readiness

"We need to get better in managing change”.

With this health check, we evaluate an organization's ability to implement change and transformation successfully. We look at the organization's current capabilities, strengths, weaknesses, and resources needed to execute a planned transformation. We identify areas where improvements can be made to support the planned transformation.

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Organization Health Check

"What are our company's weaknesses?

But at the same time, what are our strengths?" An Organization Health Check is a comprehensive assessment of an organization's overall health and performance. It is designed to evaluate how well an organization is functioning and identify areas for improvement.

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Strategic Program Health Check

“How can we be sure we are set up for successful delivery?” 

A Strategic Program Health Check is a comprehensive assessment of a strategic program's health and performance. It is designed to evaluate how well the program is progressing toward its strategic goals and identify areas for improvement. 

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Enterprise Architecture assessment


An Enterprise Architecture (EA) Assessment evaluates an organization's current architecture.  "The Architecture" can encompass many dimensions, such as business context, business model, organizational structures, core & supporting processes, information models, data and technology systems, technical infrastructure, etc. This assessment is aimed towards leaders of companies who want to fast-track their enterprise architecture efforts and quickly uncover (visualize & analyze) the state and structure of their organization, how their capabilities are enabled by the different dimensions, and how the key components interact.

The assessment outcome is a report that provides an understanding of the current state of the EA, identifies any gaps or weaknesses, and provides recommendations for improving the overall EA maturity and alignment with business objectives.

Architecture Capability Assessment 

An important foundation of successful strategic transformation is having a fit-for-purpose (enterprise) architecture capability.  INNOCOM has identified 4 dimensions to evaluate an architecture capability.  What we assess is actually the capability of architecting within the enterprise.  

The assessment can include a number of inspiration sessions to elaborate on specific architecture topics and 2 double-diamond thinking workshops in order to kick-start the co-creation of an improvement plan.  

Our assessment method has evolved intensively over the last 10 years as the ongoing agile transformation in most organizations also impacts the architecture discipline. This means we are able to tailor the evaluation to your context, be it agile, classic, or more hybrid.

Solution Architecture assessment

“Is our software architecture (still) fit for purpose?”

Is a question that keeps many CIO’s awake at night. Software architecture is often a key business asset for an organization, often complex and involving many design tradeoffs that have built up over time. Without undertaking a formal objective analysis process, the organization cannot ensure that the architectural decisions made are advisable ones that appropriately mitigate risks.

With this SEI-based (Carnegy Mellon University) assessment, we evaluate the software architecture relative to quality attribute goals such as performance, availability, security, modifiability, etc. We expose architectural risks that potentially inhibit the achievement of an organization's business goals. (risk, sensitivity and tradeoff points).

Integration Architecture assessment

This assessment is meant to offer you guidance in choosing the right integration architecture that best matches your reality and future needs.  Our approach guides you through the scenarios that balance the importance of cloud, data, and security. As a result, you will get answers to some strategic questions: What integration patterns and (platform) technologies do we need to support our business? What kind of integration strategy best matches our reality? How will it help us in becoming a more data driven company? Where and how do we increase our maturity in the context of managing the integration architecture? ​(in terms of capabilities, processes & platforms)​

INNOCOM can support in development the reference integration architecture by evaluating the current integration architecture and matching your relevant use cases to it. We will define the next steps required to adopt the target reference integration architecture and guide you through the transition state(s).​