Agile Architecture

To stay relevant and competitive in a rapidly changing market environment, companies must adapt and execute their strategy faster than ever. This means dealing with increasing competition and quickly evolving uncertain customer preferences.

The role and value of architecture in all of this have not disappeared. On the contrary, discover how it has changed to have the highest impact and stay relevant in an agile world.

Masterclass 'Agile Architecture'

What is this masterclass about?

To stay relevant and competitive in a rapidly changing market environment, companies have to adapt and execute their strategy faster than ever before. This means dealing with increasing competition and quickly evolving, uncertain customer preferences. As a result, successful companies move away from traditional methods with ‘detailed upfront designs’ and enormous fixed scopes towards an agile way of working and manageable work packages.

​The role and value of Architecture in all of this have not disappeared. On the contrary, the demand from organizations for faster decision-making and flexible (digital) solutions is still growing. If architects do not enable those outcomes, they will become irrelevant or even an obstacle to the transformation pace of the organization.

Agile profoundly impacts many aspects of the organization, such as roles and responsibilities, mindset, leadership, processes, methods, tooling, and much more. Consequently, the influence on architects is no different; how they architect and interact with other teams has to evolve.

Why is this relevant for you

In the Masterclass ‘Agile Architecture’, we’ll teach you what it means to have just enough architecture and do the right things, next to what just-in-time architecture means when aiming to do things the right way.

We’ll focus on the evolution of the architect’s role and the architecture practice in general.


What you'll learn

  • How to be relevant as an architect.

  • The unique INNOCOM framework and approach to agile architecture is based on our many years of practical experience and intertwined with global best practices and recent studies.

  • How to build and maintain an architecture within an agile environment. This will allow you to keep an overview and create a long-term strategy for your dynamic work environment.

  • The tools to develop and manage your agile roadmap while integrating quality and security.

  • How to communicate with different stakeholders

Practical info

Target audience

  • Enterprise architects, IT Architects, Service Architects, CIO's, Solution Architects, Business Architects
  • Business Analysts, IT Analysts
  • IT Managers, Agile Program & Project Managers

Next edition(s)

  • 9 - 10 - 11 October 2024

Tuition fee 2023 - 2024

  • € 3.000,00 excl. VAT
  • KMO portefeuille available


  • 3 days


  • Heiststeenweg 131, 2580 Beerzel, Belgium

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Feeling ambitious and want to become an expert in agile architect? Our masterclass offers a perfect balance between the theory and practice.

What our clients say

  • Niko Desrumaux

    Enterprise Architect at Mediahuis Group

    Constant learning, training, and education are a no-brainer for me. As an Enterprise Architect, staying current is not enough; one must strive to be ahead of the curve. Engaging in external training with fellow architects from various sectors allows me to view my challenges from a broader perspective, preventing an overly narrow focus on my company.

    I know INNOCOM and the IC Institute quite well. However, I was still pleasantly surprised: the content of the Agile Architecture masterclass was much broader and wider than I had anticipated. It is focused on frameworks and soft skills, processes, and organizational aspects.

    I also greatly appreciated how lessons are taught: theoretical concepts presented in slides were immediately discussed and applied to practical scenarios. The lecturers, who are also practitioners and experienced enterprise architects, consequently brought a wealth of field experience. It felt like receiving ‘free consultancy’ in addition to the training. This masterclass was indeed an enriching experience.

    Mediahuis Group
  • Dr. Tom Wambeke, PhD

    Lead Software Engineer at Pfizer

    As the Lead Software Engineer at Pfizer, I oversee all applications. As a dynamic organization, Pfizer is constantly exploring ways to establish a flexible roadmap that can adapt to our evolving needs. A rigid roadmap wouldn’t serve our purposes.

    In recent years, Pfizer has shifted gears significantly. Our IT department is transitioning from pure production to a more automated system with a significant increase in robotics.

    We are actively seeking frameworks like Capability Mapping to guide our transformation. This approach allows us to draft and shape our roadmap and strategy concretely.

    The Agile Architecture course has equipped me with the tools to give form to our vision, structure our existing ideas, and articulate them clearly on paper. This will undoubtedly assist me in presenting a compelling narrative to our Management, too.


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