To stay relevant and competitive in a rapidly changing market environment, companies have to adapt and execute their strategy faster than ever before. This means dealing with increasing competition and quickly evolving, uncertain customer preferences.

The role and value of Architecture in all of this have not disappeared. On the contrary, discover how it has changed to have the highest impact and stay relevant in an agile world.

Masterclass Design 2 Deliver

What is this masterclass about?

Digital transformation nowadays means continuously adapting in a well-organized way to a constantly changing environment by leveraging technology.

Business leaders agree that they have to embrace the possibilities of new technologies to stay ahead of the competition and remain relevant. 

From a technological point of view, almost anything is possible nowadays. That’s why organizations need to focus on customers’ needs to prioritize and invest their resources to create the most customer and business value. 

In this masterclass, you will learn how you can implement effective digital innovations despite organizational complexity or market uncertainty.
We will guide you through the different stages of digital transformation, starting from the design phase all the way to streamlining IT delivery – in the context of a project. 

  • Hands-on, practical methodology to use in digital Customer Experience projects

  • Learn to do this inside your existing organization

  • I can organize efficient collaboration between experts

  • Useful for your current employer, as well as your own ideas

  • Experience in Design Sprints, Agile, Customer Journey mapping techniques, …

What you'll learn

  • How to be relevant as an architect.

  • The unique INNOCOM framework and approach to agile architecture is based on our many years of practical experience and intertwined with global best practices and recent studies.

  • How to build and maintain an architecture within an agile environment. This will allow you to keep an overview and create a long-term strategy for your dynamic work environment.

  • The tools to develop and manage your agile roadmap while integrating quality and security.

  • How to communicate with different stakeholders

Practical info

Target audience

  • Business Architects, Enterprise Architects
  • Product Managers Heads of Change Delivery, Innovation Leads

Tuition fee

  • € 2.000,00 excl. VAT
  • KMO portefeuille available


  • 2 days

Want to know more


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Jaco Dijkshoorn

Jaco Dijkshoorn

Digital Transformation Manager & Lecturer
Jarrick Van Camp

Jarrick Van Camp

Enterprise Architecture Consultant & Lecturer
Lucia Van de Ginste

Lucia Van de Ginste

Engagement Manager


  • Sam Pecqueur

    Department Manager C-PMO at DEME

    Typical methods start with an as-is analysis, and then goes into to-be or solution mode and roadmap.

    In D2D the first focus is only on use cases, regardless of as is. Asking clearly what is it that all users / stakeholders want, really need and where the value is. Bringing people together in such workshops and focusing just on that ensures that there can be a more open discussion without thinking of the solution. Then going seamlessly to the next step, prioritizing together all these use cases. This way the method provides a good basis for future agile delivery where these use cases (or epics) are already prioritized on a high level. It is thus easier to focus on a MVP and incremental delivery with direct value adding thereby avoiding a traditional waterfall approach.

    The next steps of as-is and to-be architecture are done in a more smaller expert group, but reflects on the complexity of the initiative and makes sure that the solution will be futureproof. 

    In DEME we have seen that the collaborative nature of the scoping and the right order has delivered clear goals and momentum in some of our more complex initiatives.