A Great Place to Work: INNOCOM

INNOCOM extends its awarded label as ‘Great Place to Work’ and is again awarded a GPTW certificate this year!


Great Place to Work is the global authority on high-quality work cultures and researches job satisfaction through an anonymous employee survey.

We are extremely happy and proud that after such a bizarre year we have done even better than the years before!

Growing together in our self-organising Communities is no doubt the key to our success and is one of the reasons why we are a  Great Place to Work again!  This recognition is a great compliment from and for our INNOCOM colleagues as well as a confirmation that we are doing well – and an invitation to do even better!



What is a Great Place to Work?

An organization can call itself a Great Place to Work when employees have confidence in management, experience job satisfaction and when the team spirit is good.  How well organisations score, is determined by the results of an HR survey that maps the employers’ policy on the one hand and a decisive employee survey on the other hand. The Great Place to Work list is the only employer list that looks at both the employee perspective and the employer policy.

The results of the Great Place to Work survey show that the INNOCOM colleagues believe they work for an organisation that creates value through a focus on self-organising communities, training & development, coaching & care throughout their career. Especially the self-learning communities empowered by a very thin management layer and the endless learning & growing possibilities are appreciated by the employees and make them feel empowered in everything they do.


Our Lockdown approach

Also when working from our homes,  we want to look after our INNOCOMMERS as well and offer the right support permanently. To keep motivation high during the lockdown, we organised virtual café meetings, weekly business updates, online knowledge sessions, online cocktail workshops, gym – and yoga sessions, hackatons or X-Mas ‘funny sweater’-parties …



In addition, we sent a surprising COVID APERO boxes, small X-mas trees to lighten up the home offices, small cards with support messages from the CEO …   SMALL things are the BIG things … And so, we stay close to our INNOCOMMERS but at a safe distance.



There is no need to blindly take our word for it, we let our people do the talking

Benjamin Geens, Agile Coach at INNOCOM
“INNOCOM offers me the chance to have a real, lasting impact on the client. I can execute the right assignments, from the right position, which gives me a lot of satisfaction. Besides that, INNOCOM provides me with top challenges; just far enough out of my comfort zone so that I can continuously grow. I know that I can count on the top-notch community of INNOCOM, which makes me feel more inclined to step out of that comfort zone. And last but not least (in non-Cornona Times) they know how to throw a good party!”


Christophe Vanneste, Senior Strategy Advisor at INNOCOM
INNOCOM genuinely cares about the people who use our services, and the staff who works hard to achieve great care. Our organisation is true to its values and wants the best experience for both. In addition, management acknowledges that they don’t have all the knowledge; they recognise and respect the experience and expertise that I bring. This allows me to appreciate my job more. Ultimately, because I love my job, I perpetually perform better. And this is what I get to feel every day, working for INNOCOM, working with clients. A great place to work, indeed.”


Enterprise Architect at INNOCOM
“INNOCOM helps organisations to stay relevant by aligning them with their strategies and preparing them for more agility. That same approach encourages people to grow and push themselves to become better. INNOCOM consists of a unique group of highly-skilled, pleasant colleagues you can learn from every day. Besides a valuable network, INNOCOM also offers several courses, such as the Master in Enterprise Architecture and soft skill training (LEA), which bother further widened my perspective.”




Being a fast-growing company looking for new talents, we have several open positions! Check them out here  and become our new colleague!