What does a Solution Architect do?
We asked our colleague Wouter what his typical day looks like.


The INNOCOM Solution Architect is an architecture professional with strong knowledge and interest of/in Technology Architecture (Infrastructure, Application, Integration and/or Data) and understanding of Business and Enterprise Architecture. 

Our Solution Architect roles are project facing and provide two areas of support: 

  • With a business focus, ensuring the solution meets the business requirements. 
  • With an enterprise focus ensuring that the enterprise requirements for reuse, compliance to standards, principles, traceability to enterprise reference models, and alignment with the target enterprise architecture vision. 


  • Define, document, and communicate it. 
  • Protect (own) the solution architecture and protect its integrity and consistency. Make sure everyone is using it, and using it correctly. 
  • Make sure that it comes out in stages in a timely way so that the overall organization can make progress before it’s complete. 
  • Make sure the software and system architectures are in synchronization. 
  • Act as the emissary of solution architectures. 
  • Make sure stakeholders and management understand it (to the detail necessary). 
  • Make sure that the right modeling is being done, to know that qualities like performance are going to be met. 
  • Give input as needed to issues like tool and environment selection. 
  • Identify and interact with stakeholders to make sure their needs are being met. 
  • Make sure that the architecture is not only the right one for operations, but also for deployment and sustainment. 
  • Resolve disputes and make trade-offs. 
  • Resolve technical problems. 


  • Excellent understanding of architecture/design patterns 
  • Knowledge of ArchiMate and Sparx is an asset. 
  • Knowledge of object-oriented analysis and design, aspect-orientated design and test-driven design. 
  • Knowledge of web technologies: HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, REST, Ajax, Single Page Applications, etc. 
  • Knowledge of application security. 
  • Knowledge of .NET, Java/JEE, OSGi or similar industry-standard platforms. 
  • Knowledge of database solutions 
  • Knowledge of the full software development lifecycle and associated practices: configuration management, test management, build management; continuous integration, release management, etc. Knowledge of DevOps and continuous delivery is an asset. 
  • Knowledge of the Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) style and related technologies like web services, XML/SOAP, enterprise service bus, security standards, etc. 
  • Knowledge of cloud concepts (Hybrid, Private, Public) and knowledge of cloud software such as Azure & AWS 


  • Open & honest, highly energetic and intrinsically motivated  
  • A fast learner, absorbing new skills and adapting to new contexts 
  • Extremely customer-focused, able to adapt quickly to new environments, connect easily with people and context 
  • A conceptual, creative and critical thinker 
  • Passionate about change and eager to push it forward while managing expectations 
  • A natural communicator, able to explain complex topics in understandable language to different stakeholders (ability to communicate complex technical issues to non-technical stakeholders) 
  • Able to create impact 
  • A team player able to support the learning of others and initiate improvement 
  • A role model and ‘go-to person’ with high emotional intelligence 

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