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It's about empowerment

At INNOCOM, we believe in empowering our people and making sure they get the right chances and opportunities at the right time. We’re convinced that people should have the space to develop and grow their talents. We do this in a number of ways:

  1. By making sure we find a good fit between projects and people, allowing you to thrive at what you do best and further develop those skills that need some attention.
  2. By helping you to learn, either on your own or in a class. You can attend the IC Institute, an INNOCOM company that is a Management School with an accredited Master of Science in Enterprise Architecture.
  3. By enabling you to contribute in different ways. We have networking communities where our employees can work together in self-organising teams on different topics and come up with new methods, services, courses and more.

In the end, it’s you who will be the pilot in command. We’ll provide you with great support, tools and so on to help you navigate in the best way possible. We expect you to have a natural tendency to speak your mind, a desire to go the extra mile, a hunger for knowledge and the drive to create the best possible outcome in challenging situations.


We’re not born experts, we all need to grow into one. Wouter, who started as a junior, got the right support and challenging projects to grow and thrive. If you’ve got the brains and the right spirit and attitude, there is a place for you at the INNOCOM table.


Geert-Jan and Jan, who started at INNOCOM as technical architects, both grew into true Enterprise Architects. At INNOCOM you can contribute in a number of ways and practice full-on ‘intrapreneurship’. “We’re all a bit CEO of INNOCOM” is what they’ll tell you and they’re right.


Amedee knows what it takes to earn a senior advisory role at C-level with a customer. It’s not about telling them what to do, but about discovering the right way forward, making the right decisions together and being a true leader of a digital or other type of transformation.


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Agile Coach

Transformation projects need good leaders, so INNOCOM is looking for experienced Agile Leaders that can fire up and anchor the agile mindset and implement supporting agile frameworks (Scrum, Scrum of Scrums, Nexus, SAFe, Spotify, etc.) at our clients’ organisations.

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Business Architect

The Business Architect plays a key role in structuring an enterprise in terms of its governance structure, business processes and business information. (S)he aligns strategic goals and objectives with decisions regarding products and services, partners and suppliers, organisation, capabilities, and key business and IT initiatives.

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Enterprise Architect

Our Enterprise Architects are objective, trusted partners at senior management level (CxO) and programme leaders. They help determine where to invest to maximise results that align with strategic goals (trade-offs), define cost-effective mid- and long-term roadmaps (moving from as-is to to-be), spot opportunities and reduce risk levels through early risk detection by creating transparency and taking a holistic view of the organisation and market trends.

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Information Architect

Transformation projects need good leaders, so INNOCOM is looking for an experienced Information Architect that can fire up Data Governance programmes and anchor them, optimise Information Architecture and enhance the Information Management capability at our clients’ organisations.

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