INNOCOM is a Great Place To Work!

Yesterday, INNOCOM received the honour of being certified as a “Great Place To Work” in Belgium.

“Great Place To Work” focuses on intangible values which cannot be created through the simple application of a tried and tested methodology, but can only be nurtured by paying attention to the little things every day of every week across the whole organisation.

A “Great Place To Work” is where:

  • There is an atmosphere of TRUST
  • Employees have PRIDE in what they do
  • Partners, clients, employees and management ENJOY the people they work with

At INNOCOM, we added another dimension: continuous LEARNING.

Practice what you preach

Of course, this all sounds great in theory and anyone can claim to embody these values in their organization. So, without any prior briefing, we called a few of our employees and let them comment on whether INNOCOM puts the theory into practice.

TRUST: Koen Nevelsteen, Enterprise Business Architect, feels appreciated every day

“I have a bit of ‘adrenaline addiction’ and wanted to work on high risk, high value projects. The second I started at INNOCOM, I got all the TRUST from the management I needed to handle these projects. The size of the organisation fits me perfectly well: big enough to make a difference as a company, small enough to truly value the individual. I get a daily kick out of my job. Isn’t that wonderful?”

PRIDE: Geert-Jan Van den Bogaerde, Enterprise Architect, reaches his personal goals

“We are more than just an IT department, we help clients to make choices and to make the right choices. I go to work every day feeling PROUD about what I do. Management clearly has faith in every employee and our careers don’t follow a fixed pattern. Everyone can set his own goals and make his personal ambition come true. I benefited greatly from our Master in Enterprise Architecture and am currently following the LEA-programme.”

ENJOY: Valerie Buelens, Multifunctional Administrative Assistant, immediately felt at home

“I’ve only been working with INNOCOM a few months, but the amount of initiatives to make everyone ENJOY their work day astounds me. Little presents on special personal occasions, small compliments, networking opportunities, trainings, the yearly exhibition Art in the Park… I heard a friend talking passionately about the people and the environment he was working in for a few years when I decided I wanted to work there too. He didn’t exaggerate a single bit.”

LEARNING: Wouter D’Hondt, consultant, is a fan of dual learning

“With INNOCOM, I could improve my academic and working skills at once. Next to the academic Master in Enterprise Architecture, I got assigned a senior mentor for every project. Learning on the job is something most companies only now discover, INNOCOM has twenty years of experience in it. I’m glad I can profit from this system. Momentarily, I’m mastering in both LEA and MEA and LEARNING every second on the job itself.”