Shorten your time-to-market which is Design 2 Deliver

Digital transformation nowadays means continuously adapting in a well-organized way to a constantly changing environment by leveraging technology.
Business leaders agree that they have to embrace the possibilities of new technologies to stay ahead of the competition and remain relevant.

From a technological point of view, almost anything is possible nowadays. That’s why organizations need to focus on customers’ needs to prioritize and invest their resources to create the most customer and business value.

What is the idea behind Design2Deliver?

As Digital Transformation Managers we work to deliver change project, to help clients or internal users. All will benefit if the delivery of the digital innovation was more predictable, more efficient and more relevant to end-users. This is where Design2Deliver as a change methodology can help.

With INNOCOM we explored ways to shorten the time-to-market to deliver these innovations. We combined several design methods and agile techniques.
The Design2Deliver methodology helps to deliver user value earlier without disrupting the wider organisation. Delivery is done iteratively, which allows the team to continuously evaluate the user experience for the new digital innovation.

Why did you decide on the format of a masterclass?

We saw that the challenges that our own corporate clients faced weren’t exceptional. Many organisations have similar worries: how can we shorten our timeframe but still deliver an effective result?
For example: We have organisations in what we call a “help we miss the boat” situation. They struggle to implement digital innovation, effectively, for internal reasons. They know they need to innovate. But they don’t know how to do so effectively.

These types of companies have already benefited from our Design2Deliver approach. Resulting in the successful launch of new services.

What are the main challenges organisations struggle with?

Some organisations feel they are blocked by legacy systems that they have built up over the years. It seems like a Herculean task to churn out innovations on a backbone consisting of old legacy systems.
Others lack the insights into the end-to-end customer experience that would allow them to define effective digital innovations altogether. Or poor alignment between business and IT teams makes it difficult to gain momentum.

So, the signals are definitely there. Indicating a need for an effective method that can help these organisations to overcome their struggles. We can teach their internal teams how to work differently. This allows them to keep up with ever-growing demand for innovation from their customers.

What was the feedback of the participants?

We held our first open-invite Design2Deliver masterclass in September 2022. The feedback was very positive. Participants were very satisfied with a good balance between theory and practical exercises.
Design2Deliver entails several methods which require a hands-on approach to learning them. So we made sure people got enough practical experience through interactive exercises. There was a good atmosphere with lots of interactivity among the participants.

Are all the masterclasses held at the IC Institute in Beerzel?

No, we also offer In-Company Masterclasses on this topic. In that case, we facilitate the masterclass to teams in one organisation. The D2D Masterclass in Beerzel offers participants to share and learn from experiences from different companies and different sectors.

The IC Institute also offers a masterclass Agile Architecture? Is there an overlap?

Both topics are complementary, as they add value to different aspects of designing & delivering change. Especially for Business (Enterprise) Architects, both Design2Deliver and Agile Architecture are useful to follow.
Design2Deliver focusses more on the strategic drivers. Like customer journey and how to get organised for iterative delivery of innovation. Agile Architecture is a deep-dive in iterative architecting. How to define complex solutions in iterations. And how to mobilise the team around you to collaborate.

For whom can this masterclass be interesting?

Our target audience consists out of Product Managers, Product Owners, Business Architects, Heads of Change Delivery, Innovation Leads or Enterprise Architects.

Once I finish this masterclass, what will I take home with me?

After completing you will have good knowledge of a new change methodology. You will have learned techniques for speeding up innovation in your company, and understand how to involve the people around you to collaborate.
You will get a Certificate of Completion and a workbook of the training material. This should help you when you start to apply Design2Deliver in your organisation.

Last but not least, you will take home a unique experience in which you will have grown your network with professionals who shared the same experience.

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