INNOCOM joins Agoria Cyber Made in Belgium Focus Group

INNOCOM is happy to announce to be accepted by Agoria as a CMiB4Def Board Member.

The business group Cyber Made in Belgium (CMiB) is the voice for the Belgian cyber industry and groups together the companies that develop and offer cybersecurity technology in Belgium and related services for individuals, companies, or governments.

CMiB is the frontrunner in promoting cyber security readiness in Belgium. Their primary goal is to raise awareness of the gap that Belgium must close regarding cyber security readiness and to encourage local, regional, and federal governments to take action towards increasing cyber resilience for companies, governments, and citizens at large.

Cyber security is essential to protect individuals and organizations from cyber threats and enable the further digitalization of society. CMiB is committed to positioning cyber security as an enabler in the digital transformation of society, both for the business community and the general population.

The CMiB4Defence (CMIB4Def) Focus Group is at the forefront of the collaboration between the Defence Cyber Command and the Cybersecurity industry in Belgium. We are working closely with Defence, governments, businesses, and citizens to ensure that our country is well-equipped to face the challenges of the digital age.

The aim is to work on synergies to make the country more resilient to cyber threats, choose the right priorities, and expand the Cyber Defence Skills in Belgium.


More info: Agoria