Discover the 4 Master in Enterprise Architecture tracks

Our Master of Enterprise Architecture is a unique program that prepares professionals to become leaders in business transformations. We take a holistic approach to business transformation, meaning we view the organization as a hybrid organism where business and IT work together to achieve strategic goals.

Our approach to addressing the challenges in today’s complex business environment involves thoroughly analyzing industry insights and creating a comprehensive model for the enterprise. This model enables us to understand and tackle these challenges from various perspectives.

Consequently, we have developed a competency profile for the Master of Enterprise Architecture program, outlining the essential knowledge, skills, and attitude an Enterprise Architect should possess. This competency profile serves as the foundation for the curriculum, ensuring that you gain the expertise required to drive your organization toward growth and long-term success.

To offer a well-structured program, we created four main tracks. Each track focuses on specific goals and topics.

  • TRACK 1 | Strategy execution through Enterprise and Business Architecture
  • TRACK 2 | Building and delivering solutions in practice
  • TRACK 3 | Understanding domain-specific architectures
  • TRACK 4 | Leading transformations as an architect


Jonas Van Riel will tell you all about these tracks and modules in the video below: