Transformation Capability Health Check

Transformation Capability
and Readiness Health Check

"We need to get better at managing change” is an essential ambition for any modern organization. With this health check, we evaluate your organization's ability to implement change and manage transformation successfully. We look at the organization's current capabilities and identify any risks and challenges that may arise during the transformation process. We apply our experience and expertise to assess 7 essential transformation foundations. For each of these, we identify areas where improvements can be made to support transformation.

The second part of this health check, the Readiness Health Check, evaluates the overall preparedness to undertake a specific transformation. It also includes cultural, leadership, skills, and resources. The outcomes provide insight into the question: "Are we ready to execute this change successfully?".

Combining both is critical in planning and implementing successful transformations as they provide insights into your organization's transformative change capability and ability to execute changes effectively. We focus on the evaluation but also aim for immediate coaching for improvement. 

We cover the following dimensions:

  1. Strategic Alignment: Examine the organization's strategy level, fitness, and alignment with the transformation goals.

  2. Governance and Decision-Making: Evaluate the organization's governance structures, decision-making, and arbitration processes. 

  3. Leadership and Culture: Evaluate the leadership and culture of the organization. 

  4. Talent and Capability: Examine the organization's talent, behavior and essential collaboration flows.

7 Foundations

The goal is to identify, observe and assess how the capabilities that enable the 7 foundations are set up individually and how they work together to maximize the flow required to enable transformation. The assessment also contains topical problem-solving workshops + improvement workshops (diverging on the problem – converging on the solution) and inspiration workshops where useful.