Unlocking the future of organization design

Unlocking the future of organization design

A couple of weeks ago, our collaborative webinar with Reconfig delved into the intricacies of organization design, shedding light on the revolutionary concept of an Organizational Digital Twin.

We are happy to announce that we partnered again with Reconfig for the upcoming open floor session on 21 December, focussing more on an interactive experience with room for questions and discussions.

What to expect

In our previous webinar, we explored the profound impact of thoughtful organization design on a company's efficiency, adaptability, and overall success in a dynamic business landscape. The focus was on the innovative concept of an Organizational Digital Twin, a virtual replica utilizing advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, data analytics, and simulation to enhance decision-making, predictive analysis, and optimization.

New webinar dynamics

Building on the success of the previous event, our upcoming webinar takes a more open approach, encouraging active participation and fostering engaging discussions. Attendees will be able to pose questions and share their experiences related to organization design.

Key questions to explore:

  1. What is the impact of hyper-automation on your organization?
    Exploring #GenAI, #IntelligentAutomation, #CognitiveAutomation, #RPA, #Robotics.
  2. AI in Organization Design:
    How to use AI during the organization design process?
  3. Strategies to keep up with the required pace of change in organizational development.

The focus

This time around, our discussions will revolve around the practical benefits of data-driven Organization Design and the application of the Organization Digital Twin in the contexts of organizational improvement, transformations, social learning, people dynamics, decision-effectiveness, and efficiency.

Why participate

  • Stay ahead of the curve with the latest trends in organization design.
  • Understand the opportunities presented by the organization's digital twin.
  • Engage in discussions, share experiences, and seek guidance on organizational challenges.
  • Discover the pivotal role of the enterprise architect as a key advisor in organization design.


Don't miss this opportunity to gain practical insights into organization design and shape your organization's future. Join us for this free webinar, where we aim to equip you with valuable knowledge and strategic concepts that will empower you to navigate the complexities of modern organizational structures.

Let's continue the conversation and collectively unlock the potential of organization design in the digital transformation era.