The road to boost cyber resilience in hospitals

The road to boost cyber resilience in hospitals 

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In today‚Äôs digital age, the risk of cyber attacks in hospitals is steadily increasing, with significant implications for patient safety and data confidentiality. 

The Initiative of Provincial Consultation Hospital Emergency Plan Coordinators Antwerp (POZA), in collaboration with Voka Health Community and co-initiator and leading partner INNOCOM, aims to organize a series of events to enhance cyber resilience in hospitals. 

These sessions address cybersecurity not only as an IT concern but also as a critical topic for the entire boardroom. 

The first event took place on 21 May and was exclusively for CEOs. The evening provided a great opportunity to share insights and discuss strategies with experts and peers from the health sector, addressing the challenges and opportunities in strengthening cybersecurity and cyber resilience in hospitals. 

The engaging evening commenced with keynotes from Minister Annelies Verlinden and General Major Michel van Strythem of the Belgian Cyber Command. A panel discussion further enriched the event with valuable learning insights. 

The upcoming sessions in this series are tailored for the CIO or IT manager and the CMO.

Organizations like INNOCOM must lead in initiating and supporting such initiatives to share their unique expertise in cybersecurity.

INNOCOM provided 2 keynote speakers: General van Strijthem of Defense and Pedro Matthynssens (Vanbreda Risk and Benefits)

Full program 21/5

Keynotes of:

  • Minister of the Interior Annelies Verlinden (Federal Government)
  • General-Major Michel van Strythem (First Commander of Belgian Cyber Command)
  • Johan Klykens (Director, Cybersecurity Certification Authority)
  • Willeke Dijkhoffz (GZA)

Panel discussion with:

  • Pedro Matthynssens (Vanbreda Risk and Benefits)
  • Peter Fontaine (Europa Ziekenhuizen)
  • Nick Marly (Adviseur FOD Volksgezondheid)