Cybersecurity Monitor 2023

The status of cybersecurity management
in Belgium

As technology becomes more intricate, adversaries' strategies also advance. While innovations like cloud, AI, and IoT enhance productivity, they widen the attack surface. A resilient organization in this environment necessitates a mature cybersecurity stance, making it a top concern for business leaders.

In last year’s "CIONET Agile Monitor" study, we explored Agile's impact, revealing key findings on its success factors, organizational alignment, and the role of HR in shaping company culture. DevOps emerged as an accelerator for successful Agile transformations.

Our current focus shifts to organizational cybersecurity and its integration with Agile, particularly emphasizing DevSecOps. We aim to identify key factors in shaping a resilient Agile organization amid a complex cybersecurity landscape, determining the current state of cybersecurity in the Belgian industry.

To gauge cybersecurity in Belgium, we employed a two-pronged approach through CIONET. A voluntary survey reached 250 company leaders, with 35 providing quantitative responses. Additionally, we conducted in-depth interviews with a subset, resulting in 9 qualitative insights.

The study covers topics such as the overall state of cybersecurity in Belgium, board-level cybersecurity awareness, transparency, collaboration among senior leaders, and the status of DevSecOps initiatives. We seek insights into cybersecurity strategy, maturity, and interactions between organizations.

Our 14% response rate is representative, spanning sectors like retail, finance, manufacturing, and government. This study offers industry-specific insights, identifying common challenges and guiding leaders regardless of their sector.

This report's value lies in its focus on the Belgian industry, providing insights, identifying pain points, and offering guidance. Its relevance extends to business leaders across sectors due to the study's diverse population and the universal nature of cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity Monitor 2023