Client story: Renson, creating healthy spaces

Client story: Renson, creating healthy spaces

As Renson charts its course from a renowned Belgian enterprise to a formidable presence on the global stage in ventilation, sun protection, and outdoor living, it stands at the precipice of profound transformation. 

Spearheading this journey is Xavier Bourgois, the Chief Information Officer (CIO), tasked with orchestrating the digital revolution within the organization. With a relentless focus on digital transformation, Bourgois leads Renson through a sweeping overhaul of processes and systems, marking a pivotal moment in the company's evolution. 

As the company's team expands, Bourgois finds indispensable support from INNOCOM, operating as 'Architects as a Service' or 'Enterprise Architecture as a Service.' 

This partnership extends beyond technical expertise, emphasizing the cultivation of both soft skills and robust content to ensure a comprehensive approach. Together, Renson and INNOCOM forge a path towards sustainable growth management, guided by collaborative coaching and a shared commitment to navigating the complexities of exponential expansion.


Xavier Bourgois, Chief Information Officer

Where is Renson standing today?

‘Creating Healthy Spaces’ is Renson’s baseline and its mission. As a trendsetter in ventilation, sun protection, façade cladding, and ‘outdoor living’, this dynamic, fast-growing family company swears by natural elements such as light and air that – when utilized intelligently – are at the foundation of a healthy living and working environment for everyone.

Although it has deep roots locally, Renson is increasingly spreading its message internationally, the proof of which lies in its strong distribution network that now extends into the US, the Middle East, Asia, and even Australia. In this respect, Renson is intensifying its ambition to expand from a Belgian business to a global player in ventilation, sun protection, and outdoor living. 

With a total of 12 sites, we collaborate across 83 countries with approximately 1,300 dedicated individuals consisting of more than 24 nationalities. As CIO, my role is focused on digital transformation, as we embarked on a major journey to implement new processes and fresh ways of working through new systems. It is a major change program for our employees.
As our team grows constantly, we recognize the importance of structure and long-term vision.

What is the role of an Enterprise Architecture at Renson and how does INNOCOM help?

Renson is a dynamic and entrepreneurial organization. Our Central Enterprise Architecture plays a pivotal role in facilitating strategic alignment and keeping an eye on the broader vision. Rather than getting lost in details, the EA must focus on the bigger picture.

And that's where I get support from INNOCOM more like 'Architects as a service ' or 'Enterprise Architecture as a service'  They emphasize how to put the soft skills in place and the hard content, ensuring a holistic approach. Our ultimate aim? Sustainable growth management. Our collaboration with INNOCOM involves guided coaching and a shared commitment to navigating this exponential growth effectively.

What does the INNOCOM Institute’s approach to the growth and coaching process within Renson look like?

Our growth and coaching process began with a thorough assessment to understand our current position and future steps. We then charted a learning trajectory together based on this analysis. Notably, we deliberately focus on soft skills—something less obvious at first sight. Why? Because we’ve observed a lack of consistent architectural decision-making. Everyone worked a bit in their way. 

The approach involves structured sessions, theory, and tools, aligning them with real-life challenges at Renson. INNOCOM divided the process into three iterations: theory, workshops to apply it, and personal coaching. As we invest one hour every two weeks with each architect, we’re building a solid foundation for this growth journey. A team of 6 architects is going through that bath.


Tell us something more about the personal coaching sessions.

In these one-on-one sessions, the INNOCOM coach delves into everyone’s unique challenges. Exploring together the practical applications—how to implement and improve. These sessions yield noticeable results in a short span. Participants adopt structured approaches, enhance negotiation and facilitation techniques, and embrace retrospection. 
It’s not just about daily work; periodic reflection is essential. The insights gained resonate within the team, fostering collaboration and understanding. As CIO, I actively participate in the joint workshops, learning firsthand about the dynamics of my team, their challenges, and potential roadblocks.

While the personal coaching sessions remain confidential, some topics spill over into our Architecture Board Meetings held every 2 weeks. Here, we discuss stories, decisions, and adjustments facilitated by the INNOCOM Institute coach.  Although progress could have been faster, our busy rollout schedule for new systems necessitates flexibility.

Why choose INNOCOM Institute as your growth & talent partner? 

While it’s always possible to engage external parties to provide additional resources, my primary focus lies in enhancing the overall maturity of Renson. This approach not only assists in the growth of our team but also elevates the entire organization to the next level.

Rather than relying solely on external consultants, we prioritize talent development and coaching within our team. INNOCOM Institute, our chosen learning partner, plays a crucial role in the growth of our architects. What sets the Institute apart is that its coaches are not just theoretical experts; they are real architects with practical experience in the field. This authenticity matters significantly — opting for someone who truly understands architectural practice over a generic coach was a deliberate decision.

Moreover, INNOCOM consultants bring a wealth of experience from various other companies, allowing them to see the bigger picture. Their ability to bridge theory and practice ensures that techniques are applied effectively at the right level.
Lastly, the availability of coaches with different personalities ensures a perfect match with our company culture.

“It’s not merely about showing how to catch a fish; 
it’s about understanding the nuances of the fisherman’s knowledge."