The digital journey of ZNA/GZA Hospitals

The implementation of the Electronic Health Record system (EHR)

In 2019 INNOCOM was contacted by the GZA & ZNA hospitals to help them determine and define the right path towards the further digitalization of their hospitals.

At the time, it was unclear to the medical and hospital board which approach was best to implement new electronic health record systems to support the care and administrative processes in all their sites.

As a result of our intervention, the hospital group decided to implement a single integrated platform which allowed them to harmonize the way of working and make available all the data in the hospital to all staff, whenever they needed it.
We are very proud that GZA & ZNA trusted INNOCOM with the management of their transformation journey, which we completed on time, on budget, and on the scope.

Today they smoothly run a single EHR system in 12 locations, with over 2.6 million digitized patient records and more than 10.000 users.

Thank you ZNA and GZA Hospitals for your trust in INNOCOM.