INNOCOM: We walk our talk

“In life, when the right person comes along, you don’t hesitate.
We believe the same goes for our professional environment.”


By explaining what INNOCOM truly is about, we increase the potential of finding the right match, for our future clients as well as for our future consultants.

The values and beliefs described here below are non-negotiable. This is who we are, what we believe in, how we are guided in our decisions and therefore ultimately how we act as INNOCOM.

If you like what you read, we would like to have a coffee with you. Get in touch with us and see if INNOCOM could be the next exciting chapter in your professional career or could help you to achieve the strategic goals you have in mind for your business.

What does INNOCOM do?

Complex Transformations are our consulting core.  We are specialised in Strategic Projects with high visibility and impact that are of key importance to our customers. We take on those challenges that keep our customers awake at night.

INNOCOM’s focus and extensive expertise in the following areas achieve these successful transformations:

  • Strategy Design: we draw our customer’s treasure map; we help to define the setup of the company that will best fit/meet its strategy.
  • Strategy Execution: we help to dig up the treasure; we dare to take responsibility during the execution of the strategy in order to complete the new company setup.

We do this by taking pride in exceeding our customers’ expectations. INNOCOM pragmatically selects and applies all required Enterprise Architecture skills (from Business to Infrastructure) fit for purpose to our customer’s needs.

To facilitate Strategy Execution, we also assist in large, strategic change efforts (through e.g. Agile Coaching engagements) and guide customers through strategic programs challenges with highly skilled Program Managers.

To enhance chances of success, C-level involvement and trust are a prerequisite. This is the level we engage with before, during and after assignments. Our warm relationships with C-levels, reflects how we do business.

What do we stand for?


  1. We believe in Black Coffee

When you put milk in black coffee, you’ll never have black coffee again. Just like this metaphor, we do not compromise. This is reflected in the business we do and also in how we do business:


  • We made a deliberate choice to deliver strategic design (e.g. Architecture Assessment, Enterprise Design & Roadmap, IT Organizational Design,…) and implementation projects (e.g. Agile Transformation, PMO consultancy, Innovation Capability,…), instead of focussing on less strategic projects. We always take the way that keeps us on the right strategic track.
  • We aim for the highest level of quality without compromises. This not only requires expertise and skills but also transparency, honesty, openness and a drive towards perfection.

Evidence: we use a black coffee indicator for our project pipeline and project deliveries and rigorously monitor this. When necessary, we take prompt action to realign us with our purpose.


  1. We believe in Mutual Growth and a Healthy Work Life Balance.

We treat our people and our clients well, with integrity and respect, with a focus on mutual growth. The INNOCOM Model is one where you can steer and decide in which direction you want to grow. As a consultant, you can get a taste of every knowledge domain INNOCOM has to offer and choose yourself the best configuration according to your personal and professional priorities.


  • Most of our consultants followed the Master in Enterprise Architecture program as part of the ICT Institute (our own university) offers.
  • Consultants spend dedicated time during regular working hours on INNOCOM communities, business development, … This prevents them from having to take these challenges on late at night once they’re back from their customers.


  1. Xtreme Customer Focus & 100% Independent.

We let ourselves be guided by what is truly important and best for the customer. We offer the mental liberty to optimize without being forced in a certain direction by commercial partnerships, political influences, quick revenue or easy choices which might not be right in the long run for our customer. We are truly independent and have no links with suppliers, meaning that we can choose solutions based upon the right fit for the customer instead of being influenced by sales commissions.

We are Black Coffee!

Evidence: 0 Partnership Agreements/Revenues. Check out our Customer references for our Xtreme Customer Focus.


  1. It all starts with Excellent Consultants having the right mindset giving their ultimate commitment.

Our consultants have the INNOCOM DNA: highly qualified, high IQ combined with great people skills. We provide value for money as we focus on our unique selling proposition, minute after minute, hour after hour, day after day…!

Evidence: Have a look at INNOCOM Profiles on LinkedIn and check out our Customer References


  1. It grows exponentially with our Self-Learning communities.

We are evolving towards a holistic organisation which governs itself, grows and in doing so finds its way and creates its own energy. With the unbreakable belief that investing in and trusting our people and communities, benefits INNOCOM in the long run, our partners keep an eye out to provide advice rather than to steer. In the meantime, our Communities (People, Business Development, Service Development) communicate, coordinate and deliver results better, faster, harder.

Evidence: Our flat INNOCOM organisation propelled by its communities.


We walk our talk!