Art in the Park blossoms once again at our offices

On Friday 24th May, we opened our yearly open-air Art in the Park exhibition with ‘how flower is my power’ as its theme. Going above and beyond traditional art expositions, our 2019 edition focuses on experiencing art. Visitors to our opening night were able to co-create a piece of art. Art lovers who visit the exhibition during its run until 30th June can enjoy a guided tour in 3D and more.

Artist couple in the spotlight

The park around our offices in Beerzel provides the perfect stage for one or more artists. This year, we shine a light on the Ghent artist Leo Copers. Copers has created a body of work since the late sixties which includes sculptures, art installations and performances, making it a perfect fit for an exhibition aiming for an experience. Together with his wife mARTine – who specialises in photography and is also featured in the exhibition – he came up with the theme of Art in the Park 2019.

Interactive innovation

Experiencing art and innovation is key to this year’s exhibition. For our opening night, we asked our guests to bring a flower with them. The flowers were used to create a new artwork, sporting the same moniker as our theme: ‘how flower is my power’. But even those who visit our park at a later date are in for a treat. To offer the unique experience of a guided tour by the featured artist, we have created a 3D video. Wearing Oculus GO VR glasses, visitors can walk along the art route together with a virtual Leo Copers who details the intricacies of his art.

There are also art pieces that allow for interaction. For instance, visitors can choose to enter a public prison cage which then holds them captive for five minutes, giving them time to reflect as it’s impossible to leave the cage before the set time.

More 3D

INNOCOM has always been at the forefront of innovation. So the VR tour of Art in the Park wasn’t the only 3D technology featured at our opening night. Our partners in the Digital Leaders Competence Center, an INNOCOM initiative in partnership with Singularity University, imec and others received a digital and technological symbol designed by the renowned artist Mark Dedrie and printed in 3D.

Made In Mechelen was happy to report on our opening night and exposition. Discover more about Art in the Park 2019 in the article.

Art in the Park is free, open to the public from 25th May to 30th June and located at our offices: Heiststeenweg 131, Beerzel.

Relive our opening night with the photos and video below.