We walk our talk: Black Coffee indicator

Every INNOCOM colleague “walks the talk”



What do we think as INNOCOM is important to strive for each day?

What can each customer expect from an INNOCOM consultant? How are we guided in our decisions and therefore ultimately: how do we act as INNOCOM.

In a series of six, our colleague Geert-Jan will tell you all about our credo “Black Coffee”.


Once you add something to your coffee, it will never be black again.  And we feel the same about our promise to you:

No compromises when it comes to independent advice, TOP expertise, quality, commitment and integrity.

We keep you sharp and in our heart.



This is reflected in the business we do and also in how we do business:


  • We made a deliberate choice to deliver strategic design (e.g. Architecture Assessment, Enterprise Design & Roadmap, IT Organizational Design,…) and implementation projects (e.g. Agile Transformation, PMO consultancy, Innovation Capability,…), instead of focussing on less strategic projects. We always take the way that keeps us on the right strategic track.
  • We aim for the highest level of quality without compromises. This not only requires expertise and skills but also transparency, honesty, openness and a drive towards perfection.
  • Evidence: we use ‘a Black Coffee Indicator  for our project pipeline and project deliveries and rigorously monitor this. When necessary, we take prompt action to realign us with our purpose.



Read the whole story on ‘We walk our Talk‘ as told by our CEO here



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