About us

Experience. Trust. Common Sense.

Today’s business leaders are confronted with the challenge of staying ahead of their competition by rethinking their present strategy and enabling their organisation to swiftly yet continuously implement innovative ideas. Being agile and able of adapting their practices and ICT systems will be crucial in this process of constant innovation and improvement. With this in mind, INNOCOM was founded in Belgium in 1998 as an independent center of expertise to help organisations transform towards a real competitive advantage. Since the very first hour, we have been committed to upholding the highest quality standards, a no-nonsense approach and absolute determination and focus.

We're independent and loving it

At INNOCOM, we're not bound to any other interest than yours. We want what's best for you, our customer. We have no hidden agenda’s, we only focus on delivering real value. Why is this so important? If you really want to know what the best alternative solution would be for a problem or opportunity you have, it's quite crucial that any partner company looking into this for you has only your best interest in mind. If the proposed solution would mean a greater benefit for that partner company because they sell another product or service that would fit that solution, it would probably mean you're not getting the real value you deserve.

If you ask a car manufacturer whether it's better to drive a bike or a car, he might make a compelling case, but the answer will probably be quite predictable...

We are an A+ student in our field

We continuously confirm our forefront position and thought-leadership in the latest Business and Technology insights, through a strong eco-system and a strong structural relationship with the academic world and we're in touch with thought leaders on exponential technologies all around the world. We're not just students, but also committed teachers. If we tell you we know our trade, we want to make sure we're the very best at it. Therefore we make sure all of us know what leading transformations is all about and that we steer the agenda when it comes to new knowledge regarding our field of expertise.

Missions together with you

We don't just sell you the dream of the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and we don't just deliver a powerpoint and make our way out. We want to realise your ambitions and when we define together the best direction in which you can go, it's equally important that we stand behind our recommendation. Not just an idea, but a real plan with tangible results, a true mission on which we'll embark together.

If we want to get to Rome, let's make sure we find the most optimal road, not just any.

We drink our coffee black

We believe in 'Ultimate Commitment'. It's important to us that we deliver more than we promised, that what we deliver is of the highest quality and that you can count on us, always. INNOCOM has been around for 20 years and we stuck to doing that what we believe in, not what is most convenient. When it comes to this, we don't compromise.

Our coffee stays black, no milk.


Did you know...

  • That INNOCOM has been around for over 20 years and that we have grown into a company with over 80 highly experienced and specialised professionals?
  • We serve clients across different industries and countries, ranging from startups to multinational corporations?
  • We have supported hundreds companies by helping them to make the required translation from business strategy to all aspects of the enterprise setup?
  • We have been organising an academically accredited Master-after-Master Programme in Enterprise Architecture, officially recognised by the government for over 10 years.
  • We are the reference in Belgium when it comes to lifelong and dual learning on a Master level? Read more about our IC Institute.
  • Our headquarters are situated in an inspiring green environment? Feel free to come and visit!