At INNOCOM, we drink our own champagne

During the festive opening of Art in the park two weeks ago, celebrating INNOCOM’s 20 years of existence, the title of this blogpost was one of the most important messages. Drinking your own champagne is our positive version of the more widely known ‘eat your own dog food’.

And yes, there was some pun intended, referring to the Ruinart champagne we served at the event. We might not always be successful, but who can blame us to try to get a smile on people’s face every now and then?

In the last years INNOCOM observed a number of key challenges for all of our customers. The one they all have in common, is the difficulty to keep up with the ever growing speed of (technological) changes in the world, within their organization.

If your company is not capable of responding to the change accordingly, it’s very uncertain what your competitive position will be in 10 or even 5 years. I’m sure you all have heard the examples of Kodak and Nokia (down, relatively fast) and Uber and Airbnb (up, very fast) over and over again.

We strongly believe closing this change gap is the key challenge for most of the organizations. The companies that can both leverage on their current knowledge base, data and experience; and be innovative with new products and services, will be in a good position to defend and grow their position.

About the champagne and the drinking

INNOCOM has always been a very open and trustful environment, where growth for people has been key for the success of INNOCOM and its customers. And yet, we were organized like almost any other company in a hierarchical way. Given we don’t have several hundred colleagues, we only had three layers. And yet, we observed that this slowed down the flow of information, decision making and as a consequence our speed to react upon opportunities and challenges.

Therefore, we are now in the middle of a transition towards a network model. In this transition we move away from functions. We are building an interconnected network, where people can take a role in different communities. This fosters cross-fertilization and grows engagement.

This isn’t new; many of you have read this somewhere, and indeed believe this is necessary. But who is actively transforming? INNOCOM intends to guide its customers on this path. And therefore, we drink our own champagne.

Stay tuned for next posts were we share the success of our very first community that started more than a year ago, explain the current progress we make, and off course some things that didn’t work out as expected.

We are thrilled to find out for instance what holacracy and the path of Medium can bring to us, and whether we are a green or teal organization according to Frederic Laloux’ Reinventing organizations. And many more.