We walk our talk: Mutual Growth and Healthy Work Life Balance

Every INNOCOM colleague “walks the talk”


What do we think as INNOCOM is important to strive for each day?

What can each customer expect from an INNOCOM consultant? How are we guided in our decisions and therefore ultimately: how do we act as INNOCOM

In a series of six, our colleague Mike will tell you all about Mutual Growth and Healthy Work Life Balance at INNOCOM




YOU are your Pilot in Command!

The INNOCOM Model is one where you can steer and decide in which direction you want to grow.

As a consultant, you can get a taste of every knowledge domain INNOCOM has to offer and choose yourself the best configuration according to your personal and professional priorities.



  • Most of our consultants followed the Master in Enterprise Architecture program as part of the ICT Institute (our own university).
  • Consultants spend dedicated time during regular working hours on and in INNOCOM Communities … This prevents them from having to take these challenges on late at night once they’re back from their customers.




INNOCOM Communities 

Since 3 years, we are transforming our own company into self-organising teams empowered by a very thin mgmt layer.​ We are organised in fluid communities around continuously evolving topics.

Our consultants are free to participate where they want as long as there is transparency on objectives, commitment and value creation.​

For this, we apply scaled agile best practices and collaborative techniques & tooling.​ In these fast-changing times, shared knowledge is the key. With the unbreakable belief that investing in and trusting people and communities,  INNOCOM benefits in the long run.  In the meantime, our Communities (People, Business Development, Service Development) communicate, coordinate and deliver results better, faster, harder.

More info on Communities: listen to what INNOCOM colleague Jan has to say here!




Read the whole story on ‘We walk our Talk‘ as told by our CEO here





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