Virtual DL2C Conference on ‘Resilience’

Digital Leaders Conference

‘Resilience – how to prepare for the unexpected’

with Natan Furr, Insead

14 September 2020


In September INNOCOM DL2C organised an inspirational session with Nathan Furr, author of “The Innovator’s Method” and professor at Insead.

He shared with us his research & insights on how to apply innovation best practices to become more resilient as an organisation.

The key to resilience is to adapt to unexpected events. Similarly, as innovators do to explore new terrain. When facing high uncertainty problems a new style of managing is required.

We believe this content is valuable for all organisations facing accelerated digitisation challenges. Therefore we would love to share with you some of his insights!


Nathan guided us through 3 main aspects to manage uncertainty:

people, processes & philosophy.


The Key take-aways:


    • For each of these behaviours, we discussed successful cases, for example, Intuit & RentTheRunway. You can develop and encourage discovery behaviour by questioning, observing, networking & experimenting.
    • In addition, Nathan emphasised the importance of designing low-cost experiments. What can you do tomorrow without big investments and yet get valuable data on key questions that you need answers for? Cases such as Amazon and Oreo illustrated this well.
    • Finally, we looked at ways of empowering experimentation within an organisation by selecting the right structure, roles and measurements.


Questions to think about:


1.  What are the features of organisations that have responded well during the Covid-19 pandemic compared to those that have responded poorly

after accounting for shifts in demand created by Covid-19 (e.g., decrease in air travel and increase in internet services)?

2. What 2-3 challenges is your organisation wrestling with now?

Consider some tractable business problems such as creating new markets, hiring talented employees, dealing with a new entrant.


Something extra…


Following up on our last interactive session with Nathan Furr, every participant received a copy of his book “The Innovator’s Method”.

Bio Nathan Furr





Upcoming INNOCOM DL2C session for 2020!

In November we will (virtually) visit Active Antz, a pioneer in e-commerce fulfilment using state-of-the-art AI-technology. The virtual tour will be combined with an internationally renowned keynote speaker on AI: Pieter Abbeel from Berkely.

‘AI in practice’: please save the date already in your agenda: Monday 16 November, 4 pm – 6 pm
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