Virtual DL2C Conference on ‘AI and Robotics’

Digital Leaders Conference

”The New Frontier of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics’

with Pieter Abbeel/Berkely 

November 2020


In the first part of our conference, Pieter highlighted what AI is powering today. He discussed what deep supervised learning is capable of, shared lessons learned on annotating large datasets, and elaborated pattern recognition & prediction.

Secondly, Pieter addressed different types of AI that are becoming viable, such as transfer, semi-supervised, and unsupervised learning. He stressed that all data is valuable and it is no longer required to label everything manually. More data means more precise models that in return require enormous compute-power.

As AI-models mainly contain data, Pieter advises making sure you as a company retain all the rights on it to avoid lock-in.

Finally, he elaborated on a new domain emerging as of 2020: AI Robotics.

Requiring real-world reliability & learning capabilities on-the-job remains a real challenge for AI. Yet he considers it less complex than self-driving cars, mainly because errors are less costly and easier-to-fix.

Within logistics one of the applications of AI-powered robots is e-fulfilment. Impossible to program these robots upfront, they have to learn to handle thousands of unknown products.



Active Ants, a company based in The Netherlands is deploying such a self-learning picking robot.

One of the founders, Jeroen Dekker, explains that AI is a meant to become more efficient.

At Active Ants people and algorithms are working together, as AI is underpinning robots optimizing their route, dimensioning based on images and parcel volume forecasting.



The Key take-away’s:


    • The domain of AI has been advancing very fast over the last few years.
    • New applications such as AI Robotics are emerging and are accessible.


Questions to think about:


1. What applications of AI do you find most intriguing?

2. Have you applied AI at your company?

3. Are there specific applications of AI you think have high potential for your company, what are they?

4. What are you most curious about in AI and Robotics?


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