Virtual Conference ‘The Future of Work’ – DL2C

DL2C Conference ‘The Future of Work’

with Dr George Westerman, MIT

2 June and 15 June 2020


In June INNOCOM DL2C organised 2 interactive Conferences with George Westerman (MIT) on ‘The Future of Work’. One of the aspects we actively discussed was digital skills & the revised role of learning within an organisation.  

We believe this content is valuable for all organisations facing accelerated digitisation challenges. Therefore we would love to share with you some of his insights!


Key takeaways


As you think about coming back from lockdown:


  • COVID-19 is accelerating changes already underway (bad and good)
  • Consider trends in automation and occupations (what are the best jobs to foster? Replace? Change?)
  • Rethink your allocation of home vs office working
  • Transform your approach to Learning and Development (Transformer CLO) and career advice


Don’t just resume business. Come back stronger. Use this as an opportunity to transform how you and your workers do business.


Main topics from the research:

Technology and globalisation continue to reshape the demand for skills in every occupation

  • Routine jobs (or parts of jobs) increasingly being automated
  • Automation increasingly being used to complement work rather than substitute for it
  • Most jobs won’t be replaced, but parts of nearly all jobs will. Need to train for the new skills and tools, and think about how to combine jobs or cross-train workers

Human skills remain valuable (but not all human skills)

  • It’s not just about getting along with people
  • Examine how your hiring and development processes screen for, and help to grow, the 4 quadrants of the MIT JWEL Human Skills Matrix in each employee

The CLO / Learning and Development organisation in most companies needs to change

  • The Transformer CLO model is real, and increasingly demanded by executive teams
  • Transforming learning goals, learning methods, and the learning unit itself
  • Learning is becoming more atomized, digitalized and personalized
  • Training capabilities, not just current skills
  • Increasingly peer driven, not top-down or professional trainers.

Career advice is the next frontier

  • It’s not working for the average employee
  • We say many things that sound good but aren’t really working
  • Good models are emerging to do this better


Questions to think about in your organisation:

1. Which of these topics is most important for you to address:

  • Changing demand for skills
  • Human skills
  • Rethinking Learning and Development
  • Career advice


2. How ready is your company to address this area?

3. What barriers will inhibit your ability to make progress on this?

4. How well does your company give career advice to the average employee?

(not just “high potentials” or leaders, who tend to get better advice).


Something extra…


Following up on our last interactive session with George Westerman, we are sharing with you some articles published earlier this year in Harvard Business Review and in MIT SMR. These articles complement the discussion we had on new ways of learning as an organisation. They also contain information on real-life examples.



Upcoming INNOCOM DL2C sessions for 2020 


  • In September 2020 a new session will be organised with as main topic: “Resilience – how to prepare for the unexpected”.  
  • For November we would like to make it a physical event again and visit Active Antz, a pioneer in e-commerce fulfilment using state-of-the art AI-technology. The visit to their premises (based in the Netherlands) will be combined with an international renowned keynote speaker on AI.  



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