Interview in HR Square

“Thanks to our self-organising communities:

we decide faster
our estimations are sharper and
our ownership is stronger than ever”



Lucia Van de Ginste, INNOCOM, interviewed by HR Square

A warm throwback and conversation on INNOCOM in the early days, clearly a fertile sole for the INNOCOM DNA of today.
Read the article published in HR Square in September 2020 here. More info:


Two main topics:

 1. The INNOCOM Institute

IC Institute was founded in 2008 and offers a range of unique high-quality educational services, facilitates innovation and builds partnerships to help form the future.


We can proudly say that we are the only private company in Europe that organises higher education. Our Master’s degrees are locally and internationally recognised and all graduates are qualified to call themselves a Master of Science (MSc) in Enterprise Architecture

Want to know why our Master in Enterprise Architecture is relevant in these times? Read our blog here


2. Leading by self-organising communities.

An example of a sustainable management style in our ever fast-changing work environments.


At INNOCOM, we believe in empowering our people and making sure they get the right chances and opportunities at the right time. We’re convinced that people should have the space to develop and grow their talents.

Since 3 years, we are transforming our own company into self-organising networking Communities empowered by a very thin management layer. We are organised in fluid communities around continuously evolving topics, we work together in self-organising teams on those different topics and come up with new methods, services, courses and more.  Our consultants are free to participate where they want as long as there is transparency on objectives, commitment and value creation.

In these fast-changing times, shared knowledge is the key and our Communities (People, Business Development, Service Development…) communicate, coordinate and deliver results better, faster, harder.


Interested to learn more about INNOCOM Institute and the self-organising Communities @ INNOCOM:  read the article published in HR Square in September 2020 here

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