INNOCOM at the IT Executive Circle ‘Re-imagining EA for the digital era’

Re-imagining EA for the digital era


80 CIO’s joined the latest IT Executive Circle session to rethink their enterprise architecture and harness the convergence of critical technology, business and societal trends.


In 4 short masterclasses,


INNOCOM highlighted a couple of perspectives that are important for Enterprise Architecture in a digital era: Architecting in Agile, how to get results early on IT investments and ways to execute your data strategy:


  • Data driven Architecture
  • Organising for Agile Architecture
  • How to deliver value digitally & iteratively to your customers?
  • What is on our mind in this digital era?


We explained the need to define your Architectural North. This helps the Enterprise Architect to keep the investments and innovations on course.

Data is transversal and so needs internal communities of experts to get the benefits and insights. In fact why not organise communities for other important areas of expertise?

We argued that reorganisations or full agile transformations are not necessary to create a healthy networked organisation.


In two case-studies, 


CIO’s Peter Degreef from MultiPharma and Xavier Bourgois from Barco explained their digital transformation journey, challenges, opportunities and results!


Some key takeaways from our CEO Johan Van Looy:


  • The essence: bringing both structure & flexibility in your Business & IT organisation
  • Regardless of the company, a general  IT operating model for Digital emerges
    • Set priorities for business capabilities and products
    • Business engagement
    • Iterative delivery boosts responsiveness and output.
    • Customer-journey maps for improved customer engagement
    • APIs, data and reusable services reduce effort and accelerate delivery.
    • Cloud platform for scale
    • Bi-Model Governance
    • Data-driven Architecture
    • Agility
  • The need for a strong EA capability focused on short & long term corporate alignment and managing the “transversals” (data, security, integration)


At the end of this session, all participants got actionable insights and guidance to define the critical points where -and how- EA can tangibly accelerate their digital transformation and really help to realise all their ambitions in a digital era!


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