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DL2C Conference ‘Re-gearing Business’ with Nell Watson, Singularity University,

18 May 2020


In these Corona times, DL2C  INNOCOM organised its 1st Virtual Conference: ‘Re-gearing Business’ with Nell Watson from Singularity University as a keynote speaker and with 35 participants a really good virtual start.

Slowly but surely we are all taking steps towards real-life business again and by doing so, we find a ‘new normal’ in a changed landscape.  That’s why INNOCOM decided this to be a perfect time to invite a thought-leader from Singularity University, Nell Watson, who will share with us the latest insights on this ‘new normal’ at our next Virtual Conference ‘Re-Gearing Business’.





Almost every business has been thrown into the deep end of the pool during this crisis, through forced digitization. But virtual presence and online contracts are only the beginning. There is so much more yet to be done.

We are likely to see widespread and lasting economic repercussions, with increased taxes, austerity, and inflation. Many businesses will need to learn how to pivot their business models to hone in on a new product/market fit.

Significant supply chain complications and geopolitical discord will mean that supply chains get shorter, with incentives to bring manufacturing closer to home to support national interests.

Meanwhile, the market for services has become more globalized than ever.


Offices will need to be bigger for a while because of social distancing, but paradoxically the experiences of mass telecommuting mean that we will need less of them. This will have lasting repercussions upon real estate, with emphasis on smaller offices on lower floors, as well as cheaper retail and residential properties, and a pause on urbanization as people return to the countryside.

We must not get complacent, there are a lot of challenges still to be met. But there are also many strong opportunities in areas such as training, re-localizing production with national flair, and natural, healthy, and sustainable processes. Those who can bravely adapt early will be well positioned within this new environment.


A webinar full of:


  • Practical tips and inspirations on how to apply one’s core business competencies in new domains, or in new socially-distanced ways.
  • Advice on how to best ensure Corporate Health during in-person activities.
  • Extensive explorations of how technology can help.
  • Practical applications of reasonable ethical and safety measures in extraordinary times.
  • Scenario Analysis and planning for uncertain futures.



An initiative of the INNOCOM ‘Digital Leaders Competence Center”

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