INNOCOM and Bridgestone walking hand in hand.

Walking an innovative digital transformation journey together.


Partner Jurgen Van de Sompel interviewed by De Tijd together with

Jean-Philippe Minet, COO at Bridgestone Aircraft Tire.



Says Jean-Philippe Minet, COO at Bridgestone Aircraft Tire:

‘Designing, building and selling a tire is a specific business with long lead-times. Designing, building and rolling-out digital solutions are a totally different ball game.  The rollout of such a complete digital transformation really needs explicit expertise and experience which we found at INNOCOM.

Setting up the innovation capability in partnership with INNOCOM to get this up-and-running, is the best investment I made so far!’



Says Jurgen Van de Sompel, Partner at INNOCOM:

‘We went through a typical digital transformation journey together: challenging the strategy and clarifying the objectives of Bridgestone followed by a review of the IT Architecture and the business model. This resulted in a roadmap with gradual changes and really customising the frameworks to the specific context. And of course: hands-on and very pragmatic coaching by INNOCOM on a very concrete solution’.



Want some inspiration on how INNOCOM and Bridgestone worked together in this digital transformation project?

Read the full article published in DE TIJD and  L’ECHO on 18 May 2020