INNOCOM stimulates innovation in Belgium

The Digital Leaders Competence Center (DL2C) has had a spectacular first year. The initiative of INNOCOM together with thought leaders from Singularity University, imec and  MIT  is now focusing on further growth.

DL2C is a do-and-think-tank that works on innovation and exponential technologies, gathers leadership across Belgian industries and brings them into contact with experts from around the world.

The current growth campaign is aimed at CxOs, working in about a hundred larger Belgian companies, and aims to attract new participants to inspire intersectoral cooperation and stimulate the exchange of knowledge.

A splendid first edition

DL2C concludes a fruitful and inspiring first year with big names on its roster: SD Worx, bpost, KBC, Telenet, Vinçotte, RSVZ, VDAB, Fluvius and Vanbreda Risk & Benefits.

The knowledge center provides an answer to the increasingly louder call for an outsider’s viewpoint, explains Johan Cattersel, Executive Chairman at INNOCOM: “CxOs want to exchange digitalisation experiences with their peers and compare challenges in different sectors. In the framework of DL2C, they collaborate in finding an answer to every question. The collaborators have given us enthusiastic and positive feedback. Together, we go beyond creating best practices – we want to enable an ecosystem of cooperation across industries.”

Pedro Matthynssens, CEO of insurance company Vanbreda Risk & Benefits, couldn’t agree more. For him, the contact with different industries is invaluable: “DL2C is a truly unique place to meet like-minded people with whom we can talk freely about the opportunities and challenges digitalisation brings.”



Sigrid De Wever, General Manager Corporate Strategy and Innovation at KBC, says the magic is almost palpable: “It’s like stepping into a time machine and landing ten years ahead. I think that’s DL2C’s true strength. You can read volumes about exponential technologies and artificial intelligence, but thanks to DL2C you truly reflect on its consequences and make sense of what it means for your business. Forget the short-term focus.”


Bringing theory to execution, from inspiration to implementation

INNOCOM’s Digital Leaders Competence Center goes far beyond theoretical lectures, translating theory into tangible solutions. “There’s no shortage of conferences on innovation and digitalisation in Belgium. However, their audiences are often at loss afterwards. It’s up to them to figure out how to use the things they have learned and apply them to the context of their own business,” continues Cattersel.

Johan Van Looy, CEO at INNOCOM, adds: “The number one priority for DL2C is helping and teaching companies how to clear the hurdle that stands between inspiration and implementation. Which is why we took a different approach from everyone else. Experts from Singularity University or our other partners bring ideas or new technologies to the stage. Next, we apply them within a corporate context and determine a possible first step. And to really move from theory to execution, INNOCOM helps our participants work out a specific case.”

“DL2C encourages you to discuss and contemplate the various aspects of digitalisation and brings practical solutions to the table,” says Steven Van Hoorebeke, member of SD Worx’ Board of Directors.



Digital Leaders Competence Center

DL2C combines the three players of a digitalisation story -INNOCOM, participating companies, and R&D institutes- into one synergistic whole.

Companies are given the opportunity to participate in workshops, conferences and round table talks with thought leaders to exchange ideas and experiences about relevant topics. On top of these inspirational sessions, each organisation can submit two cases to be reviewed. This results in a feasibility audit, an experiment or even a pilot project, depending on the degree to which the company has already digitally transformed. R&D institutes such as the IC Institute and Singularity University provide food for thought during presentations and lend their expertise to bring the projects to fruition.

“INNOCOM brings people together. By doing so they help them understand the changing nature of the world and the creation of value. We all have to continuously update our thinking. Doing this together with INNOCOM for that purpose is a unique opportunity,” Mark Boncheck, Singularity University.



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