29 May 2020 Virtual Conference ‘Re-gearing Business’ – DL2C

In these Corona times, the INNOCOM DL2C organised its 1st Virtual Conference: ‘Re-gearing Business’ with Nell Watson from Singularity University as a keynote speaker and with 35 participants a really good virtual start!

19 May 2020 INNOCOM and Bridgestone walking hand in hand.

A warm partnership. A warm conversation on the new digital portfolio @ Bridgestone. Jurgen Van de Sompel of INNOCOM interviewed by De Tijd together with Jean-Philippe Minet, COO at Bridgestone Aircraft Tire.

18 May 2020 Trends Article ‘Digital Transformation is all about Business, not Technology’

Covid-19 is accelerating 'Digital Transformation' in quite a lot of companies. Interesting times for a double interview with George Westerman from the MIT Sloan School of Management, a real veteran in digital transformation, and Johan Van Looy whose daily business as CEO of INNOCOM is exactly supporting companies with their digital transformations.

16 Mar 2020 We walk our talk: INNOCOM DNA

What do we think as INNOCOM is important to strive for each day?  What can each customer expect from an INNOCOM consultant? In this 3th testimonial in a series of six, our colleague Lucia will tell you all about the INNOCOM DNA

21 Feb 2020 Conference Leading Digital – DL2C

To win in the digital age we all must transform the way we work and have 'digital' become one of the tools enabling us! Framing, focusing, engaging and sustaining are key. Leadership capabilities hand in hand with digital capabilities. Culture-last but not least- requires both.  Working with all these elements is essential to win.

12 Feb 2020 INNOCOM at the IT Executive Circle ‘Re-imagining EA for the digital era’

80 CIO's joined the latest IT Executive Circle session to rethink their enterprise architecture and harness the convergence of critical technology, business and societal trends. INNOCOM was the proud and special host of this session!

17 Dec 2019 INNOCOM and SD Worx walking hand in hand.

INNOCOM and SD Worx walking hand in hand in an innovative digital transformation journey. INNOCOM’s Partner Jurgen Van de Sompel interviewed by De Tijd together with Steven van Hoorebeke, Member of the Board of SD Worx. A warm partnership. A warm conversation.

06 Dec 2019 INNOCOM stimulates innovation in Belgium

The Digital Leaders Competence Center (DL2C) has had a spectacular first year. This initiative of INNOCOM together with experts from research institutes such as Singularity University, imec or MIT, is now focusing on further growth.

26 Nov 2019 We Walk our Talk – What does INNOCOM do?

What exactly is INNOCOM all about?  What does INNOCOM do? Who are we, what do we believe in, how are we guided in our decisions? Nobody can talk about our walk better than the INNOCOM colleagues themselves! In a series of six, Davey will kick-off and walk you through the INNOCOM projects and DNA.

19 Nov 2019 DL2C Conference “Taking a 360 Approach to Disrupt the Disruptors”

Organisations of all kinds face challenges in keeping up with the pace of exponential change. Even organisations that were new startups just five years ago now face legacy processes and investments that may make transformations needed to thrive in 2020 difficult.

12 Nov 2019 Point of view: Corporate Governance in the Age of Digital Transformation

Our INNOCOM Partner Jurgen Van de Sompel engaged in a panel discussion at the yearly GUBERNA meeting to talk about Agile Corporate Governance. Here is what he had to say about digitalisation and the associated opportunities and risks.

07 Nov 2019 INNOCOM and BARCO shine in special segment on Kanaal Z!

Or how to walk a digital transformation journey in a warm partnership together. A great video report with Xavier Bourgois, CIO Barco and Johan Van Looy, CEO INNOCOM against the beautiful backdrop that is the BARCO office in Kortrijk.

25 Oct 2019 Point of view: future-proofing your business with a customer engagement strategy

Across market spaces, organizations feel the pressure to remain relevant. As a result, many have developed a strong sense of urgency to craft more meaningful customer experiences and shift to more customer-centric ways of working. The imperative is simple: to provide excellent customer service is to create a loyal following.

30 Sep 2019 Five tips for surviving digital transformation expeditions

The digital society is forcing organisations to transform, but a comprehensive transformation is no walk in the park – it’s an extreme challenge along a path strewn with avalanches of unforeseen events and mountains of resistance.

12 Sep 2019 INNOCOM: We walk our talk

This is who we are, what we believe in, how we are guided in our decisions and therefore ultimately how we act as INNOCOM. If you like what you read, we would like to have a coffee with you.

02 Aug 2019 Transformation that never stops: how future-proof are you?

The world is changing faster today than it was yesterday. Businesses need to be transforming all the time to stay relevant. Enterprise architecture can help ... and as it’s not easy to find people with knowledge of EA: training is the way to go! We introduce to you: our Master in Enterprise Architecture!

25 Jun 2019 INNOCOM shines in special segment on Kanaal Z

'Alle zaken op een rijtje' is a programme on Kanaal Z about entrepreneurs who want to excel in their industry and business in general. Sounds to us like a perfect fit for INNOCOM.

18 Jun 2019 INNOCOM proudly supports the 1000km for Kom op tegen Kanker

From 31 May to 2 June, two teams of INNOCOM colleagues took up the sporty challenge to cycle 1000km in three days along Belgian roads for Kom op tegen Kanker.