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INNOCOM Agile Transformation Coach

Who are we?

INNOCOM is a fully independent Belgian company that has guided organisations through large and complex, strategic change projects for more than 20 years. We take on the challenges that keep our clients awake at night and strive to achieve the desired results with outstanding commitment and expertise.

INNOCOM is considered an authority in the field of bringing strategy-into-execution and strategic alignment. We do this by applying our expertise in the field of agile organisation, enterprise architecture and IT strategy.

We focus on transformations where a significant digital impact can be expected and more agility is aspired.

Our cross-industry know-how is continuously reinforced and sharpened by our INNOCOM Institute, which is one of the few private companies in Europe accredited to provide a full-fledged Master-after-Master program (“Master in Enterprise Architecture”) and several masterclasses on applying these methods. Its ecosystem supports relationships with other universities and R&D partners to enable innovation inside and outside.

We thrive on exponential knowledge enabled by the combined brainpower, expertise and experience from our +-80 consultants. We take pride in our unique dynamic community-driven organisational model in which we heavily invest since 2016.

As a small company relying on warm relationships, we always strive for sustainable collaboration and make every effort to deliver results and quality.

We don’t just do projects, we embark on missions together with our customers to guide them all the way.

The INNOCOM Agile Transformation Coach assists our clients with the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, fundamentally changing how our clients operate and deliver value to its customers. They help our clients use technology, people and processes to fundamentally change the performance of the organisation.

Our Agile Transformation Coaches are not only assisting in business transformation, but also in cultural transformation. Challenging the status quo is hereby crucial.




    What does an INNOCOM Agile Transformation Coach do?

    • INNOCOM helps its clients to become and stay adaptive organisations. Working agile is a cornerstone of the digital transformation process that organisations need to go through in order to deliver results faster and more efficiently.
    • Such inspiring & challenging transformation projects need good leaders, so INNOCOM is looking for experienced Agile Leaders that can fire up and anchor the agile mindset and implement supporting agile frameworks (Scrum, Scrum of Scrums, Nexus, SAFe, Spotify, etc.) at our clients’ organisations.
    • Are you excited by the idea of driving change and improvement? Do you love agile and Scrum, and do you know how to fit them into the customer’s context and culture? Contact us now and let’s discuss your potential over a nice cup of black coffee …

    What do we stand for?

    • We believe in Black Coffee: When you put milk in black coffee, you’ll never have black coffee again. Like that metaphor, we do not compromise, we are honest. This is reflected in the business we do, but also in how we do business
    • We believe in mutual growth and a healthy work life balance
    • We are extremely customer focused and 100% independent
    • Excellent consultants with the right mindset giving their ultimate commitment

    Why would you want to work with us?

    • You want to boost your expertise and experience as ‘pilot in command’ of your own career.
      You set the direction, INNOCOM will enable your growth.
    • You are looking for a self-learning and self-organising environment driven by topical communities.
      INNOCOM thrives on this by actively sharing knowledge and insight
    • You want lead or support strategic missions and still be connected with a FUN group of people?

    As an INNOCOM Agile Transformation Coach …

    you are:

    • Open & honest, highly energetic and intrinsically motivated
    • A fast learner, quick to absorb new skills and adapt to new contexts
    • Extremely customer-focused, able to adapt quickly to new environments, easily connect with people and context
    • A conceptual, creative and critical thinker
    • Passionate about change and eager to push it forward, while managing expectations
    • A natural communicator, able to explain complex topics to different stakeholders in understandable language
    • Able to prioritise and deliver within agreed timelines
    • Highly autonomous, proactive and responsible
    • A team player who can support others in their learning and initiate improvements
    • A role model and go-to person with high emotional intelligence
    • Able to resolve conflicting points of view and align people
    • Creative and able to build on others’ ideas, open to experimenting with different approaches
    • Capable of building trusted relationships with senior management
    • Able to deal with complexity and ambiguity

    As an INNOCOM Agile Transformation Coach …

    you have:

    • Excellent knowledge of Dutch, French and English
    • Solid Scrum Master experience on development teams (SCRUM-certified)
    • Agile coaching experience (2-5 years)
    • Good understanding of various scaled agile frameworks (e.g. SAFe, LeSS, Nexus), including how and when to leverage them. Certification is preferred
    • Proven proficient coaching/training/mentoring skills, with the ability to stimulate people & team development
    • Proven communication and presentation skills, including coaching small and large groups
    • Strong leadership skills at all levels, with the ability to motivate and guide teams as well as facilitate discussion and time box sprint-related events and meetings
    • Ability to implement and enhance agile frameworks across teams and programmes
    • Knowledge of DevOps capabilities, such as Continuous Integration and Delivery
    • Ability to align multiple teams (co-located and distributed) to create a consistent, cohesive delivery model for maximum productivity
    • Experience with compiling metrics that measure the progress and outputs of the sprints and releases

    See a match? Got More questions?

    MAKE THE JUMP and … become our next Agile Transformation Coach!




    Let’s get in touch

    Steven Theyssens
    Heiststeenweg 131, 2580 Beerzel, Belgium

    Phone +32 15 25 82 00