Competence orientation

Competencies orientation

Where do you start to take your people to the next level? The Competencies Orientation service of IC Institute focuses on helping you identify the competencies your organization needs to succeed - and prioritize them based on your unique goals and ambitions.

Working together with our expert team, you'll start by exploring your ambitions and goals for the organization. We can build on the foundation laid in the Enterprise Design phase of INNOCOM or other strategic plans. From there, we'll work together to identify the competencies you'll need to achieve the goals you set forward - and cluster them into competency profiles and job roles that are specific to your organization.

But that's not all - we'll also help you prioritize those competencies, determining which ones are most critical for achieving your goals in the short term. Priorities can be set in different ways, but if you need a more profound analysis, our People & Team assessment service is an exciting step.

With our help, your organization will have a good view of the competencies it needs to succeed (both now and in the future) and an understanding of where to start.

Let us help you grow your people and achieve success.