Transformation that never stops: how future-proof are you?


“It’s not easy to find people with knowledge of Enterprise Architecture on the marketplace, so training is the way to go.”



The INNOCOM Master’s Program in Enterprise Architecture & Business Transformation

The world is changing faster today than it was yesterday. This rate of change will only increase moving forward. Every organisation wants to innovate, improve and be prepared for what’s coming, but what if the future isn’t clear? Businesses need to be transforming all the time to stay relevant these days, but how do you go about it? Enterprise Architecture can provide solace.

A number of things spring to mind for any company that wants to be in a state of continuous transformation: a sound technological basis, the right data, an intelligent investment policy and good communication. Achieving all this requires motivated people with excellent knowledge of the issues at hand to make the right decisions. They need to guide an organisation through a challenging future that’s hard to predict. Just like a house needs a solid foundation, your current and future transformation needs a sturdy basis. The first and foremost condition for flexibility is a good basic structure. Enterprise Architecture is the best method for highlighting and improving these base elements.


Enterprise Architecture: from vision to reality

It boils down to translating corporate strategy into the organisation’s core domains. Because:

  • What does a new vision actually mean for a company’s working methods and business processes?
  • What skills do employees need to achieve this vision?
  • What information and data are essential?
  • And which applications and infrastructure are critical for this new direction?

INNOCOM and its institute for research and education, IC Institute, have vast experience in training people who want to take this challenge on and guide – or even lead – their organisation through these testing times. It’s not easy to find people with knowledge of enterprise architecture on the marketplace, so training is the way to go.

The new Master’s Degree in Enterprise Architecture (& Business Transformation) is the ideal course for companies that want to take this challenge on.

With its NVAO-accredited Master’s Degree in Enterprise Architecture – also internationally recognised as a Master of Science (MSc) – INNOCOM and its IC Institute is the only private company in Belgium to be recognised as an Institute for Higher Education. This unique programme underlines INNOCOM’s position as market leader within enterprise architecture, and means you can benefit from our years of experience in (digital) transformations.


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