The HEAT is on!

This year the IC Institute launches the Hands-on Enterprise Architecture Training for budding Enterprise Architects. Also known as HEAT, the Hands-on Enterprise Architecture Training merges theoretical knowledge with practical experience by building upon the IC Institute’s well-established Master of Science in EA (MEA) as a foundation, and complimenting it with a variety of professional work-placements where various professional and soft-skills will all be finely tuned.

Co-operation Across Traditional Boundaries

The IC Institute’s Master of Science in EA (MEA) is an intense undertaking; often exceeding the highest expectations. During a 10-month academic calendar, the students participate in classes covering a series of challenging topics presided over by a team of more than 50 experts spanning the academic and professional worlds. There then follows an 8-month window during which each student can focus on their individual thesis. But the MEA is not for everyone, a statement supported by the strict entry conditions e.g. students must have 5 years proven Architecture experience.

With HEAT, the IC Institute is offering the opportunity to budding enterprise architects to hit the ground running and accelerate their chosen career-path as never before. Strict entry conditions still apply but, for example, high-potential candidates with between 1 and 5 years relevant professional experience are a perfect fit for HEAT.

The HEAT Approach

HEAT participants join the Master of Science in EA (MEA) just as any other student; actively participating in the classes, and finally completing their thesis before being awarded their Master diploma.

In parallel, participants are exposed to the hands-on track covering two distinct disciplines: Professional Experience and Soft Skills.

The IC Institute partners with various reputable businesses and professional organisations, e.g. KBC, Imec and RSZV, to provide Professional Experience opportunities for HEAT participants.

Together with these partners, the participants learn the tools of the trade as well as being coached by an INNOCOM enterprise architect. As the candidates are exposed to a variety of business and organisational cultures their Soft-Skills will be challenged, therefore HEAT includes a specific track focused solely on the soft-skills unmissable for any successful enterprise architect, e.g. leadership, empowerment, creating impact, negotiation.

The Reference in Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architects help organisations achieve their strategic goals by helping guide their business and technological journeys. This wide-ranging discipline can vary from selecting and implementing the right Infrastructure to support a new Service Line, to redefining and redesigning company processes made necessary due to a take-over.

Over the past few years INNOCOM has grown to being the European leader in Enterprise Architecture. In most cases this translates into INNOCOM helping companies and professional organisations identify, adopt and affect focused ICT strategies that fully support the recognised company goals. According to Wim Laurier, Director of the IC Institute, HEAT offers a unique opportunity to the candidates and the market.

“… work-placement experience for young talented professionals who can grow at an accelerated pace into enterprise architects! With such initiatives the IC Institute is leading the charge to address the well-publicised global shortage in Enterprise Architects.”

Do you want to know more about HEAT? Have a look at the website.