Life-long learning with IC Institute’s HEAT on Kanaal Z

Our world is changing rapidly. Our personal and work lives have been thoroughly turned upside-down thanks to technological innovations and digitalization. In an era of ever-increasing digital transformation, the only way of keeping up to speed is life-long learning. Sadly, Flanders is lagging behind in the statistics. To kindle more interest in education after higher studies, INNOCOM’s IC Institute joined forces with Syntra Vlaanderen and Agoria Vlaanderen to present its unique educational programme HEAT at the ‘HEAT-case Event’ on 5 November.

Dual learning

At INNOCOM, we strongly believe in the benefits of life-long learning. To keep people interested in studying after finishing higher education, dual learning is often proposed as a method. This type of education combines hands-on experience on the work floor with a theoretical part in a classroom.

Our HEAT programme is pioneering at a master-after-master level. In true dual learning fashion, HEAT sits at the intersection of academics and business with its internships and classes, says Jonas Van Riel, general manager of the IC institute: “HEAT can be seen as an Erasmus programme for Enterprise Architects in training. Our students combine a Master of Science education, a thorough soft skill formation and different internships at several companies. This prepares them in a unique way for all the complex challenges that come with the role of Enterprise Architects.”

HEAT in a nutshell

HEAT is the culmination of INNOCOM and IC Institute’s innovative look at learning. Our approach can be distilled into six pillars that form the education of the future:

  1. The work floor is a learning place.
  2. Students learn from each other through dialogue.
  3. Flexible learning environments and activities keep the students motivated.
  4. Every student gets a custom-made trajectory.
  5. Digitalization is used to support learning.
  6. Establish an adaptive and dynamic learning system.

More info on the HEAT programme itself is here.

HEAT on Kanaal Z

INNOCOM and the IC Institute are not the only ones who recognize the need to make life-long learning an important pillar of our education system. Syntra Vlaanderen and Agoria Vlaanderen share the same view, so we joined forces to present our HEAT programme to the world during an inspiration session during the European Vocational Skills Week. Business news broadcaster Kanaal Z merits our programme and reports on our event. Do you want to relive it and learn a bit more about HEAT? Watch the report on Kanaal Z below.

Scroll through a small selection of pictures from our event