Agile Monitor: What’s the deal with your agile transformation?

Anno 2022, it’s difficult to find a business leader in Belgium who has not yet heard of agile, and most companies are applying agile concepts in one form or another. Undeniably, this way of working has earned its place in the corporate world and will stay there for a while.
On the other hand, we also hear about a lot of challenges that come with agile, and the transformation towards agility. This made us wonder: how successful are we in our endeavours to become agile?

Between April and September 2022, we conducted a study amongst the members of CIONET to gain more insights in their agile transformations. This study consisted of two parts: a qualitative survey covering ten themes and quantitative interviews to gather extra insights on these themes.

On Monday 5 December 2022 our colleagues Mattias Vral and Benjamin Geens presented our findings at CIONET’s ‘The Fuzzy Organisation’ Event.