A Cybersecurity Journey

Lockheed Martin cybersecurity expertise transferred
to Belgian government and industry

INNOCOM has signed an exclusive partnership with the federal government to transfer the cybersecurity expertise of Lockheed Martin to Defence. This agreement will build cybersecurity skills and capabilities within the Belgian government and industry.


This project is a direct result of the Essential Security Interests (ESI) proposals made within the framework of the F-35 programme. The defensive technology industrial foundation in Belgium is being developed with the help of ESI projects like this one, which is concretized in this cybersecurity agreement. This agreement will secure Belgium’s autonomous cybersecurity capability while strengthening Euro-Atlantic partnerships.

Through this agreement, INNOCOM and Lockheed Martin will work together to share their in-depth expertise of cybersecurity, and they are now advising the Department of Defence to implement a transformation programme to transform from a security operations centre to a security intelligence centre. INNOCOM collaborates with other Belgian companies to deliver this initiative.

“We are very proud of the support from the federal government,” said Patrick Okerman, INNOCOM’s Director of Operations. “We see in this mission, in addition to Lockheed Martin’s knowledge transfer, many opportunities to share cybersecurity knowledge and experiences between Defence, government agencies, industry and even academia.” For more than 20 years, INNOCOM has guided enterprises through difficult, strategic change projects to earn its stripes.

To help the Cyber Directorate of Defence reach its objective of being fully operational, this programme will offer goods, services, and solutions. The focus is on perfecting current operations and implementing new tools and capabilities. The development of expertise will not be limited to Defence and could be of interest to many other sectors facing the growing challenges of cybersecurity. This project is therefore fully in line with the recent federal government guidelines regarding the defence budget.

The Belgian federal government has approved the creation of a financing mechanism to support ESI proposals related to strategic defence purchases and to finance the investments needed, given the increasing importance of cybersecurity in today’s society. These investments will further strengthen the technological and industrial base of Defence in Belgium.


Read the interview on this project in ‘DE TIJD’ dd 19/10/2022: ‘We willen de unieke Amerikaanse kennis over cybersecurity in België verankeren’


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