INNOCOM helps Vinçotte’s IT architecture

INNOCOM’s CEO Johan Van Looy was interviewed by De Tijd together with Marco Croon, CEO of Vinçotte. INNOCOM had been contacted by Vinçotte, Belgian specialist and advisor in inspection, certification and education. One of the challenges of Vinçotte was that there were a lot of software packages for specific departments. This caused them to be held back by their IT and its customized ERP when they wanted to improve the company’s efficiency. “We want to become 20% more efficient by digitalising processes. To do this, we need someone with expertise in IT that can show us into which kind of landscape we have to evolve,” says Marco Croon.

INNOCOM has the expertise Vinçotte needs. “Vinçotte’s situation is very typical,” says Johan Van Looy. “A lot of companies think that if everyone cleans up the IT in their department, it will improve the efficiency of the entire enterprise. Unfortunately, what different departments ask of the IT-section is often not the right choice for the company. We make sure that the right mindset is maintained and that the company does not fall into the trap of software overspecialisation anymore.”

As a starting point to a well thought-out IT architecture, you need a clear blue-print. This should show what a company, considering all its departments, needs. “You can compare it with renovating a house with someone living in it,” Johan Van Looy clarifies. “You can’t simply remove a wall or disconnect the heating for a couple of weeks. When you have an IT project, you always start working with the existing infrastructure of the enterprise. You can’t just throw that away.”

Interested to learn more about the project between INNOCOM and Vinçotte or curious about when INNOCOM’s mission in helping Vinçotte will be completed? Read the article published in De Tijd on 13 December 2017.