Enterprise Architecture goes way beyond your company

Rudi Peeters, CIO of KBC Group and guest lecturer at the London Business School, was invited to speak at the CIO Forum not so long ago. The one thing on his mind? Our new Hands-on Enterprise Architect Training (HEAT) programme: an educational initiative of INNOCOM in close partnership with some other big players/companies in Belgium such as RSVZ, Imec and KBC.

Unfortunately, Rudi Peeters couldn’t be present at the CIO Forum in person, but he left a video message that reached a large audience of CIOs. We are proud to be able to share this video with you.

Enterprise Architecture; the best view is outside-in

“When INNOCOM showed me the new programme, which includes real internships, I got really excited. Enterprise architecture is not just about one company, it involves an ecosystem of different organizations. In our case, this system often consists of banks, fintech corporations, customers, SMEs, NGOs and the like. By getting a view from outside-in, from beyond to within the organization, the students in our programme get to see the whole picture,” Rudi Peeters says. “I’m really curious to see what my EAs will learn in other companies and contexts.”

KBC has been enrolling employees in the regular Master’s programme in Enterprise Architecture at INNOCOM for quite some years now. Besides a thorough grounding in the theory of EA and practical cases, there is a strong focus on soft skills such as communication and leadership.

Rudi Peeters is convinced that the internships included in the HEAT programme will offer added value. How about you?

Watch the video below and we think you’ll be just as excited as he is.