The first 365 days of Johan Van Looy

Our CEO Johan Van Looy had a nice chat with Bruno Leijnse, journalist of Trends. The result was a piece about Johan’s past, present and ambitions, published on October 12th 2017. Come and get to know our CEO a little better.

The first 365 days
Johan Van Looy (44)
Leisure time: family, music, folk rock

All set to go international

Johan van Looy, the new CEO of the business advisor INNOCOM, first appeared in Trends as the whizzkid behind the startup Syntactive Technologies. In 2000 he was the only European selected to present his software at the e-Biz Challenge in Dubai. The dotcom crash destroyed the financing. Van Looy started at INNOCOM. Now after almost seventeen years there he is following in the footsteps of the founder Johan Cattersel. Van Looy calls INNOCOM “very people-oriented, both for customers and for employees”. He also has a creative side. He can be found on YouTube with his impressive covers of Neil Young.

INNOCOM calls itself a business architect and thinks “holistically”. “We answer the question of how you should set up your business to achieve your ambitions. ICT is often important here, as well as for example personnel policy. Typically we start with an assessment and end with a roadmap, regularly working alongside our clients to help them implement it,” says Van Looy.

The concept is a success. Now INNOCOM has a profitable revenue of 16 million euros and 85 employees. In two to three years’ time, Van Looy would like to see more than a hundred employees. He wants to attract talent through, for example, a multi-year internship course for young people with business experience, who are simultaneously following the Master’s programme in Enterprise Architecture at the affiliated IC Institute. KBC, RSVZ and INNOCOM itself are among those offering internships.

After 2008 INNOCOM turned its focus on Belgium again. Now internationalization is back on the agenda. “We know from projects in England and the Netherlands that there is a market for INNOCOM,” says Van Looy.

Credit to Trends and Bruno Leijnse