Our CEO tells us all about his passion for music

INNOCOM’s CEO Johan Van Looy has a passion for music and loves playing the guitar. Impressed by what he saw at live shows as a teenager, he took up the challenge of teaching himself to play. This led to him playing a couple of shows himself, an experience that has helped him in life and throughout his career: “Being on stage taught me how to share something with a group of people – not easy as I’m a bit of an introvert,” says Johan. “When you’ve been doing the same thing for a while, a routine starts to form, but you can never get too comfortable. Otherwise you’ll lose your focus. As a CEO, it’s something I keep in mind all the time.”

Since his days as a young musician a lot of things have changed for Johan Van Looy. His has enjoyed a successful career. And although it’s been a while since he was last on stage, playing the guitar still helps him to maintain balance in life and put things in perspective: “When I listen to my old songs again, I can’t help but notice how my view on life has changed. I often think, ‘Huh, I guess things like that did keep me up at night back then’.”

A CEO with a passion – that was what Sjoukje Smedts from Trends was looking for. So with his great love of music, Johan Van Looy was an obvious choice. Sjoukje interviewed him and devoted an entire page to the article, which appears in the 26 October 2017 issue. Interested in how our CEO came to love music and how it helps him in everyday life? Download the article in Dutch here.