INNOCOM announces CEO handover on 20th anniversary

We are glad to announce the appointment of Johan Van Looy as our new CEO, effective as of 18 September 2017. Johan Van Looy has been with us for over 16 years and is widely respected for his management skills and experience in the sector. He succeeds founder Johan Cattersel, who will now apply his years of experience to the role of Executive Chairman. With its focus on maintaining and expanding INNOCOM’s long-term strategy, part of his responsibility will be to promote the company’s ambitious plans for international growth.

It should come as no surprise that Johan Cattersel has chosen a successor from among the ranks of the company. Johan Van Looy has more than 16 years of experience at INNOCOM, four of which in management positions.

Appointment of Johan Van Looy signals commitment to continuity and lasting growth

“I am very pleased to take over the reins from Johan at this symbolic milestone. My primary mission for the coming years will be to further reinforce INNOCOM’s existing basis and to become the leading authority among all the international players competing in the field of enterprise architecture,” says Johan Van Looy.

“Johan Van Looy knows the company better than anyone and will therefore be an excellent captain to steer our ship towards 30% qualitative growth over the coming two to three years,” adds Johan Cattersel.

Leading authority on enterprise architecture

Over the past years, INNOCOM has become Europe’s market leader in enterprise architecture. Concretely, this means that it helps other companies to design specific ICT strategies that enable them to achieve their business aims in the area of digital transformation. Its customer portfolio includes several large companies from all business sectors. INNOCOM is based in Beerzel, Belgium.

Besides its core business, INNOCOM has another main component that demonstrates an advanced level of innovation: the independent university known as IC Institute. Its own ‘Enterprise Architecture’ programme is an internationally accredited master of science degree course. INNOCOM is the only private company in Europe that offers a master’s degree programme and is entitled to confer a recognised master’s degree.

“Our unwavering focus on innovation and our unique partnership with the academic sector remain factors for success. Moreover, it is our ambition to expand the IC Institute, which means that besides educational programmes we will also be developing other initiatives towards this goal. Concretely, we are currently exploring the idea of traineeships that will accelerate training for young talent. This will enable students to become INNOCOM certified enterprise architects within two years. With this initiative we hope to help address the shortage of enterprise architects in the current Marketplace,” adds Cattersel.

International plans

While new CEO Johan Van Looy concentrates mainly on operational activities and growing the business at home, Executive Chairman Johan Cattersel will focus on further expanding INNOCOM’s long-term strategy. Ambitious plans for international growth are already on the table. “Right now, INNOCOM has only achieved about 1% of its plans and potential. In the coming years we will invest heavily in growth, and not only in Belgium. We are currently investigating a number of other markets with an aim to internationalising our activities. Our neighbours in the north are the most suitable candidates, but we are absolutely open to considering other countries,” concludes Cattersel.