Johan Cattersel is one of the driving forces behind Belgian chapter of Singularity University

After attending an executive programme of the US Singularity University, Johan Cattersel was utterly impressed. To see, hear and interact with the great thinkers of the future today was an inspiring experience. Spurred on by the motto of the Singularity University “If not you, who? If not now, when?”, he decided to start a Belgian chapter. Since its launch on 19 December 2017, the Belgian chapter has organized two events.

What is Singularity University?

Singularity University is the foremost global catalyst for leveraging exponential technologies, including artificial intelligence, robotics, digital biology and nanotechnology, to create a more abundant world. The mission of Singularity University is to educate and empower leaders to apply rapidly accelerating technologies in innovative ways to tackle humanity’s grand challenges.

What is SU local chapter?

SingularityU Chapters facilitate vibrant local innovation ecosystems, whose participants focus on furthering the SU mission of leveraging exponential technologies to solve humanity’s grand challenges. These Chapters regularly host events within their cities across the globe. In 2017, 100 Chapters in 55 countries hosted 320 events that attracted more than 25,112 attendees.

Chapters are flourishing around the world thanks to the collaborative, volunteer leadership teams working together to convene local innovators in regular gatherings that attract fascinating speakers on a wide variety of topics. Chapters further SU’s goals to educate, empower, and inspire leaders through 4 core areas:

  • Connection: Creating and facilitating an engaged local community
  • Events: Facilitating events about exponential technologies and global grand challenges
  • Innovation: Sharing information about local innovations with the SU community
  • Impact: Focusing on impact in collaboration with Singularity University

The local Belgian team consists of John Breidenstine, Johan Cattersel, Jacques Colle, Younis Hijazi and Mercy Njima

For an inspirational introduction to Singularity University, watch this short video What Is SU? from Singularity University on Vimeo.

Belgian Chapter

“Our aim is to bring together bright, passionate, action-oriented people, including local entrepreneurs, innovator executives, policymakers and others who are focused on leadership to make an impact,” says Johan Cattersel. “Our chapter is open to Singularity University alumni and all members of our community who are interested in exponential technologies and their positive impact on the lives of individuals, wider society and the world.”

“Many executive contacts have grown my conviction that there is a necessity in our country for increasing awareness about innovation and the opportunities it entails,” he adds. “The Brussels chapter is a unique instrument for discussing and defining the instruments required to facilitate and maximize innovation for our country, its corporations and citizens.”

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