Digital experts on digital trends

VOKA magazine recently invited six digital experts to brainstorm about upcoming digital trends and how industry will keep pace with these (r)evolutions. One of the select entrepreneurs was our very own CEO Johan Van Looy.

Is AI opening up a Pandora’s box?

When asked about Artificial Intelligence and the – sometimes troubled – relationship between man and machine, Johan Van Looy mentioned the point of Singularity. Sounds familiar?

“Artificial Intelligence is advancing at breakneck speed, but the technology has been around since the 1980s. Thanks to the invention of more and more powerful computers, and the revolution of IoT and big data, finding and analysing data sets has become easier. Patterns are recognised more quickly. Many people think that AI will take over the world. But don’t worry – human beings still haven’t even figured out how our own subconscious works. We still have a long way to go.”

“However, if you take the idea of Singularity as a given and assume that one day systems will inevitably be savvier than humans, Pandora’s box will open. Machine and maker will change roles. That computer will build an even better one in no time.”

“In a way, companies have already reached that Singularity point or will reach it soon. They have to be agile and adapt to any circumstances and technological evolution. Revolution, in fact, because technology is changing our world rapidly. It’s not just the IT department, but the whole organisational structure that has to be ready to reinvent itself at any given moment.”

Intrigued? Want to find out more? You can download the pdf in Dutch here.

Around the table

In VOKA magazine, you can read about the insights of the following interviewees:

  • Paul Van Coillie, Manager of Arco Information
  • Willem Mariën, Lawyer at GD&A Advocaten
  • Bjorn Vergaelen, Division Manager of AXI
  • Pat Van Roey, General Manager of Van Roey ICT Group
  • Andries Hofkens, Lawyer at Sirius Legal
  • Johan Van Looy, CEO of INNOCOM

The subjects for debate included:

  • Blockchain and FinTech
  • The business risk of (too) early adopters
  • GDPR and personal privacy
  • IT projects and general management
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Internet of Things and big data

Download the pdf in Dutch here.